Making Friends in your 30’s : update

3 weeks ago I made this blog post (Making friends in your 30’s: Mission impossible) I was lamenting the fact I’m friendless and 33! I decided to stop being a cry baby and do something about it!! 4 days after I wrote the blog post I decided to back away a bit from social media and reach out to friends via Text message.

I realized I was a lot of my own problem. Granted my anxiety prevented from reaching out in the past. I’ve decided if I wanted friendships offline I needed to make them and nurture the ones I had.

Kokoa is more like sister than a friend she’s amazing we don’t get to hang out because..we have kids and LIVES… I work and lead the life of a crazy person. Kokoa introduced to me to wonderful group of moms which opened me up to new events and opportunities to make friends and I took them i stepped out!

I made the efforts after work to get up a go to Concert in the park and have FUN

I’ve discovered a lot of making friends is presenting yourself as friendly. I have a problem with isolating myself then playing victim, so I’ve made it a point to reach out to my new friends! When I think of them I text them!

I’ve strived to make connections with classmates at school. Tiffany and I were friends in high school (small town🤷🏾‍♀️) anyway we both have English this summer and we have children the SAME AGE ( Two year olds…😅)

(We bond about our crazy babies.. it’s comforting to know we aren’t alone!)The key has been for me to continuously step out of my own comfort zone. These friendships are reconnections but that’s super important to put effort into your friendships. I’ve noticed reaching out has lead to me getting wonderful text surprisingly during the week. I also started to email my friends!

Who knew that emails would bring some form of friendship! I’ve noticed I’ve craved every kind of contact BUT social media in a friend. I get so excited when I make a new friend. I see the mission wasn’t impossible, it was just a mission I need to properly apply myself on. I am capable of making friends. In fact I’m building some beautiful friendships. I’m excited to where they go!

Thank you for reading have a great day! Get out there and make a friend! It’s not impossible! If my little weird self can make a friend… anyone can!


    • Awwwww thank you for the comment and that made my day! I’m glad you’re going to reconnect that truly has been the best! Good luck to you and I’m going to go check out your blog!! Now!


  1. Great post!! It is soooooo difficult making and keeping friends as an adult. It’s so easy to use “we’re just busy” as an excuse and never reach out. I need to do better about this myself. Thank you for the kick in the pants 😉

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