Batmom’s Night Out: Tiki Tuesday 1909 Temecula,Ca

Today Tuesday after work I got all dolled up to attend Tiki Tuesday at 1909 in Temecula.

I love 1909! I’m a huge fan of their brunch but I’ve never attended any of the nightlife events, so I was very excited to see what 1909 had in store.

1909 is Located at 28656 Old Town Front Street Temecula California and on Tuesday night.. The Tiki it up!

1909 offers an island inspired menu that offers extremely responsibly priced appetizers and drinks


I was greeted by Trace my vibrant and knowledgeable mixologist for the evening.

I told Trace “I’m trying to experience my best life here at Tiki Tuesday… what drink does that!?!”

Trace asked “Do you like licorice? I have a drink with absinthe called Dr Funk.”

he had me at absinthe.. The Dr Funk was DELICIOUS and I learned this drink actually made by a Dr named Dr Funk and to a Polynesian island original! I loved this drink because I could taste the absinthe subtly. The licorice tenderly kisses the back of throat as all the liquors play on your tastebuds. I throughly enjoyed this drink.

I had to hire a production assistant for the evening being.. I’m vegan and a light weight 🤷🏾‍♀️ one drink and some French fries is about all I can handle😂 I brought my fiancé ChrisAnthony Parker with me.. He’s a chef, I figured he’d be the perfect man to describe the food and drink to me.

Chris has a classic Mai Thai he took one sip and said “Delicious! Just Delicious” took further sips and said it was so refreshing… so I had to check it out!

I loved it! I let Trace know he made some amazing drinks. I normally don’t like Mai Thai’s they’re normally to sticky and sweet to me but his was so delicious you could all the citrus. I loved watching Trace work, he was so knowledgeable and a character.

Next Chris and I had some delicious food. Chris had a caramelized pork belly, sautéed peppers and onions, cilantro Asian glaze over white rice and grilled pineapple.

Chris loved it!

I stole a taste of the rice 🤗

I ate the fries

They were dusted with hickory flavors and just delectable. After eating I walked about to have a look.

I love the cozy atmosphere you feel like you’re at the coolest pub in town every time you come. I was curious about the history so I asked the floor Manager Mercedes as few questions.

She let know 1909 was burned to ground in 1908 and the building was rebuilt. The building still has bullet holes from 1909

The decor reaches back to vintage age, reminding me of prohibition times

I had a blast! If you’re looking for a place to unwind after work on a Tuesday or if your trying to have a fun date night check out 1909 Tiki Tuesday!

One comment

  1. This is a pretty cool review, batmom! I read all of it although I’ll probably never go there because I live in western Europe 🙂
    The food looks delicious, but I have to say I’m really impressed with the size of the bar! omg!
    Gotta ask: absinth is illegal in the US, right? Was your drink absinth flavored or did it actually contain absinth? (no, I’m not working for the police haha)

    Love xxx


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