My life as a brand: Confessions of discouraged blogger

The day I started this blog my whole life changed. I purchased a book on how to start a blog it just seemed like the right thing to do and the right time to do it. I love writing ,I love to teach and encourage others annnd my Facebook post we’re getting crazy long 😂 when I hit publish that first day finally felt in control of my future. I finally took a step toward my ultimate goal. Making a living being myself online🤷🏾‍♀️ I used to hate on those MLM moms. You know the ones, the beachbody moms, the iTworks moms, etc I hated those women. I hated them because I wanted to be them sooo bad😞😭 I have to work, in this day and age you’d be hard pressed to find many families that aren’t dual income in California. I wished I could be like them and work from home. I knew there had to be a way outside of selling things that I could make money online… in starting my blog I wanted to document my journey to show other moms they can do it too.. in the 3 and half weeks I’ve been doing this I’ll be honest for whatever reason this week was discouraging to me. During the week I typically study how to be a full- time blogger

I google, listen to every podcast, watch every YouTube because I genuinely want to make this my career. You know how you watch those HGTv shows and they show this shiny couples that say “my husband and I twirl cotton swabs part time and whittle unicorn figurines from driftwood the budget for our house is 6.8 million dollars.” The blogging world is like that. There’s hours of “I made $5k last month but doing this..” I listen or read the whole way through and it’s a pitch for a course or an ebook. It happened to me so much last week I broke down into tears. These bloggers make it look so easy. theres a few ways to make money as blogger.. (this image is just an example it’s not my income from my blog🤗)

1. Affiliate links:

Those are links embedded or special codes used to give bloggers or social media influencer commission sales on a product. I have many affiliate links but I’m just not the type to sell things unless I truly believe in them, I have some ideas of products I want to try to sell using my blog but I don’t want to get spammy, so I don’t use them yet. This week in my YouTube podcast hole it seemed like everyone was having this massive success from affiliate links and I don’t know I just don’t get the hang of it so I don’t feel right doing it. I have an idea to do post in the future.

Sponsored post:

This is what I’m aiming for. To me this is the holy grail of ways to make money as blogger and I’m completely comfortable with this because with sponsorship either a brand reaches out to you to create a post for reviewing their product, eating at their restaurant, staying at their hotel etc or you reach out to them.. that’s my favorite thing to do in the world lately! It’s addicted I love pitching my ideas to brands! I’ve had so grate success from sponsorship my latest sponsored was “Batmom’s Night Out: Tiki Tuesday 1909 Temecula ca

I reached out to the restaurant and leveraged my social media accounts and blog as advertising in exchange for food a drinks! I love researching marketing techniques. I love when my ideas are accepted I love get so many amazing gifts and I’m so grateful but I’m ready to have financially sponsored post so I spend days pitching

I pitch to at least 10 brands a day. I’ve been that for 3 months and getting no response for the most part. That gets hard. It’s very discouraging. I don’t have a template on many of these pitches I’m cold emailing through “contact us” section (that’s actually been working better than applying for blogger jobs) it’s a lot of work typing the right pitch, showing your best content and then hearing absolutely nothing. It truly makes you doubt yourself as a creator and a writer because in my mind if I can’t hook a brand from a pitch am I even reaching my audience? I was in tears by Thursday. I just mentally and physically broke.

I internalize stress and have generalized anxiety disorder so all the rejection that I was trying to pretend wasn’t getting to me really was my acute gastritis and ulcers flared up. I never knew how much time it takes to be a full time Content Creator/ Blogger. I had my family support and they motivate me, they understand “mommy is creating give me like 10 minutes.” But now mommy is also going back to college and studying and mom has clients she’s teaching to star blogs, and teaching clients to build their Instagram so it’s hard to be putting a lot of energy and time into my blog and away from my family physically I’m there but if I’m creating or networking I’m not present and that’s been putting a strain on me and my oldest daughter, she doesn’t understand I’m building a business for our families future she just know “mommy and me time” isn’t the same. I started to get really down on myself “girl this better be worth it! Everyone hates you and now you can’t poop and the lining of your stomach is swollen happy Thursday🤷🏾‍♀️” while I the emergency room waiting from I checked my email (in case anyone wants to email me I love emails) I found one email that brought me completely to tears

I was so moved because I’ve been trying to find my way. I love to help people, I didn’t start the blog to help people learn social media and blogging but I’ve helped 2 people start their blogs and every day I get inboxed questions about blogging and I get so excited to help and mentor. That was the payment from the universe. I’m going to be teaching my former mentor Dr Truong how to start her own blog, she’s senior and “Batmom’s social media academy” is me teaching seniors (and anyone else really but mainly seniors) how to use social media! I never thought this was the path my blog would take.

That I’d be mentoring my mentor! This woman’s story is phenomenal and needs be heard. I hadn’t spoken to Dr Truong in years but she was always such an inspiration and motivation to me, so the fact I get to teach her anything I’m humbled and happy to see her. She met with another nurse friend of mine who told her about the blog and reached out wanting to know more. The universe has a funny way of bringing things full circle. I live for comments like this

I can’t describe the joy I feel from anyone being touched by writing. I love that I have this platform. I love my blog. my blog is 3rd child. I put time into and watched it grow and develop. I have to remind myself I’ve only been doing this for 3 months. I have to real. It takes longer than 3 months to build and a establish a career. I need to be patient and not take the silence so personally. I have to remind myself why I’m doing this. It’s hard blogging, being vulnerable and having the content you create judged but this is career I chose. Beyoncé wasn’t build in a day… neither will my career as content creator. This week was tough but a good reminder to stay focused and create content that’s meaningful and helpful. That’s why I’m doing this.


  1. I had a similar experience with trying to get brands to work with me. It sucks because they gauge it based on followers. I think engagement is better than followers. Good luck and keep trying!

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  2. omg, I am so proud of u and happy for u I know how that is like, I am setup everything for last few months, and I wrote my two first posts and planning a more…I feel you100%, every single moment that I have I watch learn about blogging and work on my blog….we are sex and the city girls…:)))) once again SOOOOO proud of youuuu , have a nice day..:)😅😎😅😅😅

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  3. Yes girl keep going!! Its not easy! You can do this. You’re only 3 months in. Imagine how much you’d learn after a year. The world is at your feet. Keep pushing forward!

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  4. You go girl!
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post, because it really encouraged me to keep trying with my blog. I startet last year but always had trouble with college getting in the way until today that I decided to start again and be consistent with it. Reading this gave me an extra bit of motivation to go with it.
    Sending you lots of positve vibes and good luck, I’m sure your career will soon take off.

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    • GET IT DANI! Thank you so much for reading this post! Consistency is the key to it, learning and growing and supportive bloggers really make it work!

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  5. This is so great and really encouraging. I am also a blogger i feel discouraged most times but with this i feel i can step up again. Keep up the good job.

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  6. Aww hunni don’t get down on yourself.. You write great pieces and provide a lot of helpful info from sharing your story.. I’ll admit I was feeling a little discouraged myself this week.. everything was all over the place and I just got overwhelmed.. Just know that there are people out there that lov what you put out there…including me✨💕

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    • Thank you for reading this and encouraging me. It’s daunting task but I love the support and the wonderful conversations I have with you wonderful people. I love this so thank you so much I think last week just just 😑 but this week is fantastic I’m loving it! I’m just connecting with the blogging community this month and focusing on good content and growth. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me. I truly appreciate it.

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  7. I loved this post.
    It really resonated with me where you said “you’re there but you aren’t present”. It’s hard juggling everything as well as being mom but all your hard work will pay off.
    You are such a wonderful person, I love reading you blog and it warms my heart anytime we engage with each other.
    P.s don’t be too hard on yourself, your killing it 💕💕💕

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