My manifestation journey: 3 month update

I have been attempting to write this post for weeks

I haven’t known where to start or how so I just kept putting this post off but I really have the desire to bring attention how awesome manifestation and the laws of attraction are sooooo here we go! 🤷🏾‍♀️🥂When I started blogging my mentors all told me to read a book a week about business or self help to enrich myself. I remembered the book “The secret” however I’m busy have a job and two kids so I decided to YouTube “The Secret” audiobook and play it in my car The FULL secret audiobook I had been given the secret man years ago from a dear friend. I read the book but at the time I didn’t receive the information the Law of Attraction or Manifestation is this basically you ask the universe (or whatever you believe in) for what you want, have faith, work toward you goal and it happens🤷🏾‍♀️ I finished the audiobook and continued on a YouTube hole and Discovered Leeora Alexandra and Sam Ozural

Leeora and Sam Law of attraction 101

I decided to go on a personal journey and apply the laws of attraction to my life. The laws of attraction are truly about your mindset

The mind is power tool. I decided last year I had a dream of working from home being myself online. I wasn’t sure of how I was going to this and I wasn’t confident in myself and gave myself every excuse in the world to not follow my dreams. I love writing. I always have. I’ve wanted to start a blog every since I knew that in order for this grow into what I needed I needed to focus my energy on that. Manifestation is all about positive energy. What you put out into the universe… you get back. So I cut everything negative from my life. I let go of negative friends online and offline. I had to have confidence in myself and in my dream.

I asked the universe for many things

The first was 1k instagram followers


Next I asked for 100 YouTube subscribers (this was before I discovered I’m better suited as blogger I love to WRITE! I’m more comfortable typing and being behind the scenes taking photos, editing photos and writing captions… you know BLOGGING I learned with manifestation you truly have to focus your energy on what is necessary… you can ask for anything but if you’re not putting in the work for it won’t happen.. I didn’t put any working to being a Vlogger so that didn’t happen.. but you know what did..

I am 122 blog followers. This was something I dreamed of. When I started all of this in my mind I wanted to like Perez Hilton. He’s my idol I started promoting my blog on Twitter and posted a tweet

That lead to a follow that of course I documented in my gratitude journal because I truly was thankful for this wonderful and major “follow” that follow changed my life and I’ll never forget it. So I had to write it down

did you know Perez Hilton posted one of my post on his blog

My post on Perez Hilton 🙌🏾 the universe listens! I’ve been manifesting so many things jobs

I just started asking the universe I wanted to pass 10k views

It’s not all about asking… There’s a lot of doing. You do good to others for me I spend HOURS promoting other bloggers on twitter

I help new bloggers whenever they reach out to me

I give the love that given to me.. and it feels amazing! Spreading positivity gives you so much back in return. I’m happy for the “success” I’ve gained in the last 4 months but the deeper journey I’ve gone on with manifestation has been the key.

I live each and everyday by this quote. I truly believe what you put into your mind manifest itself. I have manifested so many things over my life time and didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until these last fast months when I found a fancy name for praying 😂😂 this journey has lead me to strengthen my faith and stop worrying!

I worry about everything and I came across this quote in the book “You are a bad ass at making money” By Jen Sincero and it clicked in me. I had all these things happen in my life because I made it happen with my negative thoughts and worrying. My misfortune was my own doing because of my words and mind. I put myself in the mindset of accepting my circumstance and being ok being a victim. I had to give up worrying and that was hard. I was unintentionally blocking my positive blessing with my negative thoughts of worry. I had to work very hard to stop worrying but it’s something I do each day with the help of my family. I vocalize things and focus on saying them in positive way so negativity doesn’t even enter my mind. When it does.. I read through my gratitude journal (That’s a whole other post 😏… next week🤪) and I think about the things I have to be grateful for. That generally helps to change my energy. This all about positive energy and protecting your positivity surrounding yourself with positivity and spreading positivity. You do that for one month and watch you life change. I’ve only been doing this knowingly and studying it for the last 3 months the result of what I received speak for themselves but more than that, the feeling I have now, my soul is lighter, my energy is clean, my heart feels good I wake up happy and I want to live and get out there and experience life. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me in the next 3 months🤗🥂


  1. Wow, you are such a sweet person! I’ve heard about this but sometimes I feel I’m not up to it. I might try to change that mindset! Thanks for the post dear 💕

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