“Follow your Heart” Fiesta Blend Vegan Shreds

Today I decided to make a quick snack plate using “Follow your heart brand products”

I made a quesadilla with the classic 6′ Gluten-free Vegan tortillas and the fiesta blend shreds.. (I honestly made this because I’ve been dying to try the ranch🤗) however in the process I fell in love with the Fiesta shreds!

They’re so tasty! They have a little kick to them. You can see the jalapeños and bell peppers inside the cheese

And my favorite thing about the cheese is that IT MELTS!

I’ve been vegan for a year this month. My journey as vegan chef has been me transforming all my favorite foods from all over the world into vegan friendly meals. I reached out to “Follow your heart” because I use them in a lot of my meals. I use the veganese every day! They allowed me to select 7 items and review them… I was nervous as a vegan the cheese is the scariest part🤷🏾‍♀️ I loved cheese as a non-vegan so I missed melting cheese! I get the melted cheese “effects” from a lot of brands after significant coaxing, butter acrobatics, changing the temp while baking ugh its a hassle.. NOT WITH THIS CHEESE. I was just doing a dry run to see how this cheese handles I want to make enchiladas, tacos it’s a Fiesta Blend so I had a lot of plans. When I saw this cheese melt as I was cooking!! I was so thankful! The cheese melts like regular cheese. It cooks like regular cheese and has the same texture. The cheese was very smooth and flavorful. The Tortillas cooked amazingly. I’m very pleased with these products and can not wait to bring you guys my first recipe I’m heading to the store now to get the rest of the ingredients for the enchiladas.. melting cheese is must.. now that I’ve got that I’m sooo excited!

The RANCH! The borough a to my eye because I miss ranch😭 I missed ranch on fries, I just found a great vegan burger now I can a burger with grilled avocados and ranch.. I can make buffalo cauliflower and dip it in ranch… it’s like “Follow your heart” has opened me up to all these amazing options with just one dipped sauce. I’m about to elevate so many meals! If you would like to find a store near that have “Follow your heart” brand products click “Follow your heart” Store Locator

The taste is phenomenal and the Ingredients cooked so well I felt spoiled! I completely recommend all three products

Perfect items for a quick snack tray!

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