Warning this post is mushy 😍❤️

This month….around this week (we can’t remember the exact date 🤔) marks 3 years of Chris and I being together!!! I love this man!

It’s been the most fun I’ve ever had building a life with this man. We’ve had or downs but they were just a blip in the radar of our past. We worked soooo hard to build a friendship and family for our children. This relationship has challenged me to grow and understand what a good man really is. I have a good man.

This man will watch the Oscars with me because I wanted to have to an Oscar party but at the time didn’t really have any friends to invite🤷🏾‍♀️ so Chris has been my stand in bestie for so many things and I love that. He’s also my gym partner!

We motivate each other in every single avenue of life.

Chris loves me for me

And I love everything there is to love about Chris I love his sense of humor. I have never laughed more in life than I have when I’m with Chris. I can’t have a bad day or be mad when I know I get go to home to best friend! He always takes his time to surprise me, be it with a fort or with a picnic

I love each and everyday with this man I prayed so long for the kind of love this man gives me. In the beginning he used to hide comics in my apartment and when I talk about having a bad day he’d tell me where he hid a comic. He’s the best dad I’ve ever seen.

Chris is such a hands on dad. We found out we were pregnant as soon as we started dating pretty much 😅 I was scared of the future, we had a lot to build and Blend 3 kids from him and I had Brooke. I learned how to communicate and grow so much in this relationship. Chris makes me challenge my thought process about a lot of things. He’s so positive and uplifting, when I want to negative and down in the dumps he always finds a way to show to be grateful for what we have. We have grown so much as family and as couple it’s amazing. We’re currently saving for our wedding and getting more and more excited everyday for our wedding celebration. We just want to celebrate our love. Everyday we wake up and thank God for each other. We’ve been through a lot, we’re made through and each day we are blessed to spend it with our girls. I’m so blessed to find my other half! Even though I’m not sure if it’s 16th or 17th or the 18th🤷🏾‍♀️ I know the day we met made my life completely. All I have to do is enjoy my life and make happy memories with Chris for the rest of my life.


    • Like I’m over the moon excited to get married we planned it so far out so we could save but every month or two I plot eloping😂😂 we won’t our families would kills us at this point but I’m so excited thank you for reading beautiful friend!!!!

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