Top 8 Sponsorship e-mail tips

Sponsorship is the the ultimate goal for every blogger/ content creator. There are many ways for bloggers to make a living blogging Sponsorship is simply the most coveted. Sponsored post are post that creators are given product or money to feature their products on social media. I use my blog and social media platforms as advertising leverage. I actively grow social media and create content for a target audience (MOMS 21-41🥂🙌🏾 those are my people! I know my people! I love my people!) I’ve only been living my life as a brand for 4 months, I did not start pitching my blog until I had 1k followers on Instagram.

*Although the number of followers doesn’t really matter!

For me to feel like I was running a business I needed at least on social media platform to have 1k followers. I took the time to grow my social media organically, I’m very close to my audience and they trust my opinion that being said I don’t reach out to every brand and I don’t expect every offer pitched to me because I have a relationship with my followers so I always keep that in mind, I also make sure I actually have a relationship with the brand before I reach out. Since I’ve started I’ve landed several brand and had several sponsored post my most recent brand collaborations are with “Follow your heart” brand vegan products and Chippendale’s!(to read about my brand deal with Chippendales click here 👉🏾Batmom goes to Chippendales)Since I’ve started landing brand deals I thought I’d share the tips that have proven helpful to me landing brand deals. I’m even including an email Template! I love pitching to brands, I get this high that can’t even explain. I don’t care about hearing “No” because seeing “I would love to work you that idea is amazing” feels better than anything I can put into words. So here’s my Top 8 Tips:


Take the time to research the company you want to sponsor you. Simply go to google and search who the CEO is. Find out everything you can, do they have a Twitter? Are they funny? Vegan? Do they have a blog? Are they 90? Find a way you can relate.. that your in and your subject of the email. If you stalk you CEO and find out he has a blog.. READ THE BLOG! Then your subject line will be “Loved you blog post from 7/25/2018” THAT WILL GET YOU IN! building a relationship is key. If you can’t get through the front door.. use a window just get in that email inbox and get in with the CEO!

2. Be professional

Do not use any slang or abbreviations. Think of this as a job interview in a box. This is your chance to present you brand/blog/Content as business with advertising leverage and an engaged audience. This is your chance to show how you can be of value to this brand you are reaching out to.


No more than one or two paragraphs of you can’t explain yourself in a paragraph you aren’t ready to pitch. Rewrite till it’s right.

4. Give more than you take!

Give compliments, give ideas, give a platform for advertising etc Then ask for collaboration. Don’t just go into an email asking for free merchandise and money just because you have a large number of followers. Show that you are of value give reasons why you are of value.

5. get used to “No” and radio silence.

You’re going to be sending a lot of emails and you won’t hear back at all. I write 5-10 emails for sponsorship a day.. and that’s honestly not enough but that’s all I have time for with my schedule on weekends I try to do 10-15. In the hundreds of emails I have sent I have only gotten a handful of responses back and just recently got a large brand collaboration. I don’t believe in “No” I believe in asking the next person if they want to work with me🤷🏾‍♀️ you only need one “Yes” it doesn’t matter if you get 1000 “no’s” listen for that yes! That “yes” is worth it all. It feels like the super bowl when someone accepts your proposal and reaches out to work. There’s something about knowing someone likes YOUR idea. That’s why I want everyone to try! There’s nothing that beats pitching to me.. NOTHING LOL

6. Follow up!

I follow up every 2-4 weeks if I really want to work with the brand and they are radio silent. I just send a gentle reminder. Try not to be pushy just see if they saw my email.

7. If your pitch is accepted be grateful and deliver!

When you pitch is accepted be grateful, reach out and let them know you appreciate the opportunity and MAKE THE BEST CONTENT YOU CAN IN A TIMELY MATTER! Make sure to ask what they are expecting and when. Deadlines are real.


Everything I learned about pitching to brands I learned from YouTube and podcast so I continually educate myself how to pitch and learn different methods and apply them here’s my favorite videos and YouTubers

Latasha James Pitching to brands for sponsorship

Jessica Whittaker

Jessica Whittaker emailing sponsorship

Approaching brands as a small blog

I hope these tips help let me know what you think below🤗


    • I’m working on a method I’m following to gain followers called the $1.80 method by Gary vee it’s been working it’s basically being positive in the blogging community reading blogs, engaging, giving your .02 cent 90 times a day which sounds like a lot but in 3 weeks I’ve gained over 200 followers and my page vista went from 302 to 589 I’m like blown away


    • Oh yeah you gotta make work for yourself! That’s how I get jobs they aren’t being handed to me.. well one was out of 4.5 months of non stop emailing lol but yeah that’s the ticket just putting yourself out there


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