Instagram Growth Tip : “The $1.80 method by Gary Vee”

Around mid June I decided to try a new method for Instagram growth. My numbers had gotten stagnant. I was at 1289 followers and I was losing about 5-10 followers a week.

I started to research methods on YouTube and found the Gary Vee $1.80 method

(Click here to watch the Gary Vee $1.80 method for Instagram growth)

Gary Vee is an entrepreneur rockstar!

3.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM ALONE! He started out on YouTube in 2006 and has pretty much dominated and predicted several advices in social media.. The rise of Instagram, the rise of Snapchat. He’s got his pulse on pop culture.

And oddly enough makes me proud to be a strong black women because he always says

“If anyone has ever done it before that looks you like then you can too.”-Gary Vee

That’s so motivational to me! Gary Vee is very blunt, the first time I turned on the Gary Vee podcast on the way the work I got cussed out 🤷🏾‍♀️ he flings the “F-word” but it helps gets his message across.

Gary worked a day job at his liquor store 15 hours a day and at night he would work on his YouTube channel… FOR LIKE 5 YEARS😱 Gary’s story of grinding, working hard and becoming THE entrepreneur motivational media mogul and speaker of an entire generation resonated with me because like Gary I have a day job and other obligations and like Gary I was born to do this, he sold baseball cards at 5 years old.. I taught my self to braid hair at 10 and by 16 was able to charge my classmates $250 a head in the summer as well as working two jobs. I was never a stranger to hard work or long hours, I always liked the feeling of being to work and buy what I want by myself at a young age. I became obsessed with Gary listening to his podcast (click link for The Gary Vee Audio Experience)

Finally I decided to try here’s the method

“Give your .02 cent 90 times a day”

write down the top 10 Hashtags in your niche, leave a thoughtful or positive comment (your two cents) under the top 9 post of each hashtag.

For example I’m a “mommy blogger” I search #thatsdarling

I find the Top 9 post and comment what I like about each one.

By doing this others in your niche see your comment. That your are thoughtful and engaged and they come to your page. When I started this I was averaging about 302 profile views a week. After 3 weeks I’m at 529 views a week

And I’m up to 1526 followers!!!!! Gary Recommended doing this 3 hours a day. I didn’t do three hours which is probably why I don’t have crazy high results but I’ve steadily climbed followers, my blog post are being read!

This growth tip helps you to build a community in your niche and it also helps you spread positivity in your niche and positive feedback. I felt so good that first week it wasn’t hard or a chore at all. I get to look at amazing content that HIGH QUALITY if it’s in the top 9 and when you leave a thought comment not just emojis it prompts others to come to your profile and check you out. If your content is something they enjoy.. they follow you. It’s been so cool to see my notifications just fill up! Because I’m spreading love and it’s coming back to me! I even tried it on other social networks.

I applied it to my Twitter

I’m almost at 1k followers from just taking time to read the blogs of others and give honest feedback. I have met so many new bloggers his way. Bloggers from all over the world in my niche! This method has been the best growth technique I’ve ever used because of the growth number one but the fact I feel better about spreading joy. You never know if your comment lifts someone’s spirit about their content. Content creation is tough. Blogging is over saturated and overwhelming but if you build a community of bloggers you’ll love it!

I’ve only been doing Blogging and working in social media for 4 months but I’ve learned that being active in the Twitter blogging community and Facebook blogging groups really drive views. The more you put your content out, the more you engage in you community the more growth your experience. Even if you only gain one new follower a day from this. The feeling you get knowing it’s a genuine follower that loves your content and has something in common with you. That follower will me so much. The $1.80 method not only helps you grow your social media but you grow as person. That’s why I recommend it.🤗🤗

Leave me a comment let me know if you try this method!


It’s been two weeks since I wrote this blog post and I’m still growing I’ve gained another 200 followers on Instagram, very little loss may 5-10 a week but as soon as I engage with content and actively engage the numbers increase dramatically. This method is directly correlated with the amount of work you put into networking and being a positive influence in your niche and positive influence in the blogging community.

My twitter has simply sky rocketed from being active and engaging in the blogging community. The key to growth is active engagement in your niche and community and being dedicated to it. I’ll be honest I didn’t apply my time to networking like I should and as a result I didn’t grow as much on Instagram. So I strongly suggest really engaging and learning your audience. Immerse yourself into high quality content and really engage. A friend of mine text me that this method and this post is making its rounds in the blogging groups because the method really work!

I’ll continue to update and share this post and see where I am bi-weekly or monthly to show the growth with this method. Since it has been the most successful, I’m going to continue to apply it to my growth strategy. Please comment below if you have had success with this method I truly enjoy hearing from you all.


    • I’m a HUGE believer! I truly believe you get out from the universe what you put in! And this journey of blogging has really strengthened my belief in the laws of attraction


  1. I’m going to have to try this. I’m very active on Instagram. Not so active on Twitter. I need to change that but its like we only have so much time in the day. Like you said, you don’t devote three hours a day to it. It’s hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah 3 hours is tough i try to do an hour each platform like if I wake up in the middle of the night I work on my social media. I did notice the week I didn’t do the method I didn’t grow 🤷🏾‍♀️ when I started it up again I blossomed


  2. This is fantastic! I know you didn’t come up with the idea, but thank you so much for sharing it! I’m going to try and I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you. Yes Gary Vee The Creator of the method is so motivational and his tips work so well! He’s amazing


  3. Girl, you are a god send!
    I have been so over Instagram, but this is definitely worth a shot.
    Thanks for sharing this information because if it wasn’t for you I would have never came across this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TRY IT! The algorithm works on participation and using all the features of Instagram all the time once you break the algorithm your post show up first and so do you comments it’s pretty cooll


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