#Batmomgoestoschool: Bj’s after class

Well y’all I did it🙌🏾 after almost Quitting this first day of class to organizing a potluck

That got shot down

And the moved to BJ’s

I LOVED THIS CLASS! This class challenged me in ways I never thought. We had to do an essay on “The First Amendment On College campuses”

I was so scared I had never really done a research paper before. I just kinda winged it all through high school 🤷🏾‍♀️ I was in A.P English one thousand years ago I didn’t remember MLA format, I knew nothing of citations I really went through it emotionally when writing this paper. I had gotten B- on the last two papers and I was just doubting myself as I writer. I didn’t understand what the teacher wanted from me. I agonized over it weeks in my head, however in class I throughly enjoyed myself. We were writing a paper on “Civil Disobedience” and I got the opportunity to bring Brooklyn to class with me🤗

The professor asked if any of us had every participated in an act of civil disobedience, I replied no but that Brooke had participated in the walk out for the victims of the parkland school shooting. Brooklyn got to come to school with me and that meant so much to me. Brooke has had a desire to go to BERKELEY since she even knew what college was so the fact my Professor went to Berkeley I wanted Brooke to just see him and listen to him and be involved. She was so involved the teach invited her back for the last two weeks of class. It was very nice to attend class with last two weeks with Brooke. I was so proud of her. Brooke is so smart and I just want her to never be ashamed of her intelligence and never be afraid to speak up for things she feels re right. The class seemed to enjoy Brooke as well even asking what she said so they could include it in their essays:

I honestly think this blog helped me to pass my class because I had been working on my confidence, I had confidence to reach out and ask my teacher “what was wrong with my papers that I kept getting B-” I emailed the teacher and told him that I was thoroughly enjoying the class and was honestly taking the class to able to write more in-depth blog post for my audience. I shared my blog with him and expressed that I have no issue writing but when I try to writes I just can’t He responded with this:

When I arrived to class the last Monday of class he handed me a copy of Virginia Woolf “A room of one’s own” and proceeded to tell me that he had read my blogs and he said my writing style reminding him of Virginia Woolf, the way I tell stories and switch tone in my essay writing and he went to explain how Virginia Woolf was in a way a blogger in her time, using her life and point of view to tell the story of women writers. I cried after class.

I took the class so a professor would read my writing and I tell me the truth. Do I have what it takes to be a writer or am I just fooling myself? When Professor Pappas told me that I write like Virginia Woolf all of a sudden his B- minus didn’t matter any more. I knew that I lacked structure and didn’t stick to prompt or support the prompt that we’ll so I didn’t rock the boat.. I saw one Student yell at the teacher because he got a C-.. the student said “I will REFUSE to accept this grade” all I could do was still there in sheer and utter amusement

I mean I was mad over my B- but after strong thought and consideration I was happy with my B and during peer review my classmates loved my paper the last Monday of class we were giving a choice to compare and contract two things… I had waited my whole life for that optionI to compare BSB vs Nsync for my English college final!

When we arrived Professor Pappas collected our last essay and we had to write a short piece comparing and contrasting and then we were free to PARTY!

We all met up at Bj’s and I learned so much about these amazing people. I learned that Lila the Makeup Artist was really a make up artist with like 8k Instagram followers

@makeupbylilabean is her Instagram and she showed up to class like this every night of class

So of course we started talking social media and stats and she also revealed she has like a million degrees and just likes to go to school, she’s looking for direction in life.. she’s early 20’s it will happen..🤷🏾‍♀️ she asked me to look over her Instagram since that’s my job… there was nothing wrong with her beautiful Instagram the problem was she hadn’t posted any new content in a while so I told her bluntly “it’s not your instant boo it’s you” and she was like “I needed to hear that” we promised to keep in touch and I truly hope we do

I made so many friends Tiffany, Deeva, Nick, Lucas, Stacey, Brandon (He argued for his grade the day Brooke was in class and I had to be sure to tell her.. this man is GROWN! You can’t argue a grade in 7th grade) I don’t know what class I’m taking next. I’m so happy I didn’t let my self doubt stop me from completing this class. As much as I wanted to quit I had Tiffany every single week cheering me on and helping me stay on track. I had no computer or book for this class so I used my tablet and borrowed books from the class and Tiffany printed my essays.. I made it through despite all that I did it! I only missed one class and I’m pretty I got a B🤷🏾‍♀️ it was scary but I will continue to take English classes to improve my writing. It was just nice to have some where to go besides home and work. I was about 10-15 years older than the people in the class but they made me so happy to be in class each week. I learned them, studied them and I just so happy to have such a positive experience after building it up in my mind to be scary. I’ll never forget English 103 Critical Thinking and Analysis. I still can’t type a work cited page to save my life but I know some great websites and have friends that can help me. Go back to school it’s totally worth it!

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