Soulful Sunday: The Crockpot incident

I’m currently alone in my house and I just had a moment I needed to share. I was having a fabulous day! I woke up and made my daily post to all my social media. I made some killer content. I just landed my first brand campaign and was chatting back and forth with the CEO and at 0600 I was having a flying high type of morning for me. I was buzzing over the fact I had gotten mail from


Like I was just buzzing with good energy I decided to put on a pot roast for Chris and the girls make a nice Sunday dinner since Chris will be home early tonight. I get that done, I get the baby ready, myself ready I trot off to church, I have a great service I get to the grocery store to do my shopping for the week and it hits me.. “I don’t think I turned on the Crockpot” I immediately eat sour. I call my nana and let her know what’s going on she tell me finish what I’m doing and drop the girls to her so they can nap and I can check the roast, put away the grocery etc I agreed. I dropped off the girls and get home.. the roast is cooking fine.. but then I get mad because it’s HOT IN HERE🙄 out of nowhere it hits me.. two years ago I didn’t even have a house with air conditioning. Me and my family of 4 was squeezed into a tiny studio apartment praying and saving for the house we have now. So I can complain or I can put away my groceries and think about how far we’ve come, be grateful and go pick up my babies. I have a problem with letting small things effect the bigger picture. Yes I did have to come alll the way but at least now when I get back the house will be cool and we can relax, but at least I have a home to come home to.. a Crockpot once Killed a man on tv 😲📺

I guess I’m just grateful for where I am I’m all aspects of life in comparison to where I was and sometimes it takes strange circumstances to get you alone to think about what you really have. I have a home to have a Crockpot in. I have a fridge with a roast in it for my family (bunch of gross meeting savages the lot of them🙄.. 😂) but I’m just blessed and grateful for my life today and what I do have. Well I’m heading to pick up those babies now so I can feed them and finish plotting my content for the week. I still can’t believe I’m blessed to say I make a living being myself online. I prayed for this for quite sometime so I do get overwhelmed when I just sit here and think about it.

I want to take time to thank each and everyone of you that takes your time to read my blogs, to follow my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wherever you met me online.. I’m happy we met and I’m thankful you support my journey. I see each comment. I love every “like” thank you. Thank you for supporting my dreams to see it come true is surreal and I’m so grateful to you all for making my dream come true. You’re a blessing to me. You all make my soul feel good!

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  1. Way to not let one small mistake mess up your day! I think being thankful more can change one life! I was just thinking about my job and how hard they make us work but then I realized I have a privilege to work at a level 1 trauma, I am privileged to be the only black nurse in like 100 RNs they have, I get to walk home coz I live near by, who am I to complain right?? So thankful


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