My life as a brand: Behind the scenes of brand collaboration

I could not WAIT to write this post. This week I landed TWO brand deals. That’s right TWO! I have less than 2k followers on Instagram and I’ve only been pursing this as a career for about 5 months and I landed a COMPENSATED brand campaign

A brand reached out to me because I have a Facebook group called “Fit moms” Fit moms is a group I started to stay motivated and get my body back after my 2nd child. It started with just me and few of my mom group friends I forced to join 😅 now it’s up to 4.7k women of all levels of fitness 🤗 ANYWHOO.. the owner of the first brand reached out because she liked my group and saw my blog post there and liked my personality on Facebook! I was so excited to have a brand reach out! At first the deal was only going to be for a review however I leveraged my other social media platforms and another group I’m the admin of to show that I could be of value to the brand. After a few emails and showing my work they agreed on a number for payment and a contract way sent to me. I was so excited I couldn’t believe that I was going to get PAID to post my opinion about something I believe in online! I was getting paid for a caption that I thought of, for photos I took and edited I was so excited! I did it! I was living my life as a brand! Then I read the contract and it hit me, this is a job!

I began the emails Monday and was expected to post by the weekend, the product didn’t arrive till Saturday evening 😅 so I was constantly updating the owner of my progress, I think it’s very important to keep open and professional dialogue with the brand so they are aware of your progress. My deadline was outline in the contact. In the contract you will find

What to post, where to post, how long the post has to stay up, when you will be paid and THE DEADLINE

In order to get paid you have to meet all the requirements so me I needed to tag the brand, give a mini review, educate my audience, post a pic, use a code and link. It was pretty intense to have to stick to strict guidelines and be contracted but I was so happy to finally be doing what I love! I’ve worked very hard to get to the point where something was offered so I don’t take it lightly. To me it’s a privilege to able to create content for a living, so I had no problem adhering to the guidelines. When I felt that I needed more time I emailed immediately to keep the brand aware. I was so happy to be working with a brand that was so close to my own brand. I’m a mom blogger so I tend to only collaborate with brands that bring value to my audience or I feel my audience can benefit from. I didn’t want to just collaborate to get a check. I work really hard to build a brand so it’s important to really think about who I’m collaborating with so I thought really hard about this. I talked to my family I spoke to the women in my fitness group. I am blessed to have a platform and I was stoked to be able to use my platform to help other moms. It was interesting having to get approval prior to post. Normally I just take picture, edit it, make a caption and BAM but this time I had to get approval

When I finally got approval, I had to stop myself from shaking as I hit post and my post went LIVE! My first paid post went live. I had one brand campaign under my belt. The feeling of accomplishment is something I can’t describe and it’s something I want everyone to feel. The second brand was a small brand with a smaller budget and they could only provide me with product in exchange for a blog post.

I took the opportunity 🙌🏾 it’s not always about being paid. It’s about the opportunity I LOVE writing! I’m a writer and I love baby clothes 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have a toddler they’re expensive to clothe 😩 if I can get an incredibly cute outfit in exchange for a blog post I’m in! Plus I’m NEW! I’ve only been doing this for 5 months. I have to earn my wings. I was blessed to get a compensated brand deal but I don’t expect that every time. It has to do with negotiating. This was the first times a brand has reached out to me normally it’s me reaching out to them. This has been an amazing experience and I’m blessed to be able to see my dreams come true. I’ve documented every second of this journey and to see it happening is so amazing. That’s why I’m sharing every step I want everyone to know I just woke up and decided to follow my dreams and here I am. If I can do this anyone can.


  1. First of all, huge congratulations! This sounds like an amazing opportunity. Secondly, this post is the most inspiring one I’ve seen about brand deals ever. I’ve had a few brand deals however none have been paid yet; whenever I read posts regarding sponsored content, they tend to make it seem so far out of reach. You’ve definitely inspired me to try & get some sponsored content going on my blog, it would be so amazing! Congratulations!

    Soph |

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  2. This is amazing and congrats on such an amazing opportunity! From here on everything will get easier and maybe more payment as well? Just a perk! Keep doing you and the good things will come rolling in! You have a large group of followers behind you!

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    • Thank you so much! Thank you for taking time to write. It’s just tough because it can seem so lonely yet so crowded at the same time but if you find the right blogging community it’s a little easier to handle. It’s so nice to meet you I been kinda stalking your content to great!


    • Hey Girl heeeeyyyyy how are you? Thank you for commenting but yes it’s been unreal to actually wake up and know I’m a Content Creator! I’m a blogger I Friggin did it!


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