My first rant

I need to address something because I’m upset

I get messages like this


I’ve only been blogging a few months but I’ve been on social media for YEARS building a relationship with my followers. I know their kids names, I’ve watched their entire pregnancies, I been to some folks baby showers, I attempted to send Christmas card but I was TRASH at that🤷🏾‍♀️ I truly love social media and the ability to make friends with anyone, all the time. I struggle with that in my real life and flourished online making friends because I was able to get connected. I’ve built a bond with my followers so I get OFFENDED down right upset when people think I would just jeopardize every relationship I’ve built to turn my following into a cash cow. I was hurt. Look I work in social media because I love it, I’m blogging to share my life experiences, educate other and be a solace for anyone that just needs a judgement free friend. I’ve love sharing my ideas and journey. I’m not doing this to just line my pockets make a quick buck… I HAVE A DAY JOB! A GOOD ONE! I just do this because I love it. I have not worked this hard to just sell someone’s webinar! I want to be a writer! I want to make a living working online but not like this

I’m not trying to make a quick buck! I’m not trying to cash in on my followers. If a collaborate with a brand it’s because I feel they can HELP MY FOLLOWERS WITH A PROBLEM! I’m like the middle man ok… if I like a product I tell my followers how awesome it is and that’s it!!! That’s how it works!! I’m not a fly by night type of person. I work. I study I want to have a career in this! I want that last for years, not just a few months and hock some dudes something! I don’t mind partnerships that bring value and that can help but don’t disrespect my followers those are my friends! I’m very protective of my friends! You gotta get through me to get to them

I’m just trying to get this off my chest so I don’t have to say it again. I’m not building a platform for anyone to sell or make profit from me. I’m building my brand to learn how to work in social media as a blogger, Content Creator distributor, social media manager, I’m trying to grow and learn this industry. I take what I do very seriously. When something bothers me I can’t sleep at night. I get so bothered that I hope I’m not coming off as someone that just wants to make money… NO! I want a career! I want to last! I want a future! I want Batmom85 to be the name that inspires another mom to get up and do whatever she wants despite her circumstances. I have a vision. I want to teach all moms working and stay at home that you don’t have to give up on your dreams. You’re more than just a “mom” I did all this because I trying to find myself. I gave up all of my dreams writing, dancing everything that was creative I put on a shelf to be a mom so Brooke could be everything I wasn’t. I stopped writing, I stopped coaching dance and cheer until Brooke was of age to join.. I got lost in the identity of “Brooke’s mom” and became Batmom online and just decided to go for it. I’ve shared my #lifewithbrooke for about 5 years on Facebook

People kept telling me to start a blog but I told myself “no one would read my blogs” I was wrong! People read my blogs everyday! People engage with me I followed my dream of making a living in social media.. I’m not willing to give up all I’ve worked to sell something to get rich quick. Like I’m bothered in soul. I’ll be alright I just needed to rant I’m doing this for my family and my future and my followers mean so much. If you took the time to add me you want me to see your life and I want you to see mine.. that’s intimate to me. So please understand I’m not mean I’m not being a unreasonable I respect my followers and I’m not trying to just make a buck so know that when you approach me. I’m not saying yes to everyone and everything that doesn’t blend with my brand. I represent moms working and stay at home 21-44 I know my people, I stay in my lane and I love my people. That’s all.. I’m calming down now I have stuff to do but I needed to rant… thank you for your time.


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