#Obsessed: Top 5 obsessions of the weeku

I’ve been looking forward to this post ALLL WEEK! It’s been a long week😩 I had to work at 0430 every morning so all week I was like this

But on my drive to work I was like this:

Because of my podcast of the week!!!

Every week I pick 1 podcast, 1 twitter, 1 blog, 1instagram and 1 book that I’m completely obsessed with and share it! So here goes the best part of my week was the podcast:

“Make Speidi Famous Again”

Make Speidi Famous again is a podcast starring Spencer Pratt and his stunning wife Heidi Montag. I’ve been a fan since”The Hills” I stalk Pratt Daddy online.. you see open confession is good for the soul. I used to hate watch “The Hills” because I couldn’t stand Spencer! But the truth is 60% of the boys in my neighborhood looked like Spencer

After a while I stopped hate watching and started binge watching “The Hills” with friends…..and wine suddenly Spencer became my TV man and I emotionally attached to him and Heidi 😩

This is my royal couple

I’ve followed them and their life on social media for years so naturally when I discovered their podcast I was hooked!

You can hear Heidi and Spencer’s baby in the background 😭😩 it’s so cute!! It makes my ovaries hulk out!!! It’s so endearing. They have AMAZING guest like Tiffany “NEW YORK” Pollard (FRIGGIN NEW YORK! I love New York! New York😍) They had Kathryn Dennis from southern charm! I was laughing obnoxiously loud, like cackling at the Spencer’s 1 liners🤣 he’s so well versed and updated in pop culture it’s insane! He knows about everything and everyone, he’s a crystal slanging TMZ! There is an episode with Amber Rose where Heidi chimes in her thoughts about motherhood, feminism and so much more I just completely fell in love with Heidi. I’m a former baby wearing, always co-sleepin, make your own baby food hippie mama so I just love the fact they work with their baby there with them. They’re just a family trying to make a living and I love this! I couldn’t stop listening. They were definitely my favorite part of the The week that and I found a photo of Perez Hilton in a “Make Speidi famous again hat” and I screamed in pop culture delight also PRATT DADDY RETWEETED ME AND IT MADE MY WEEEEEEK in social media!

The soul of money:

By Lynne Twist

This book was suggested to me by Addie Khan!

My gym buddy, middle school, high school friend and COLUMBIA GRAD!! JOURNALIST sooo I trust his judgment when it comes to books 🤷🏾‍♀️ he slid in my DM’s and was like “Yo, this book is in line with a lot of your principles” and I was like “omg Bengali Jesus Suggested this book its gonna be good” so I went to Amazon and I purchased this amazing book that really deals with The culture and our relationship with money. Essentially we created money but now people will take life in order to obtain money.. however that doesn’t mean that money itself is bad.. but the things that people do for money are bad. This book just really gets you to look inward. I’ve been trying to “ADULT” lately… you know clean up your credit.. I’m getting married, I’m buying a house I’m 33 I’m GROWN, but I have a strange relationship with money🤷🏾‍♀️ I want it, I need for things but I don’t want to worship it.. so I’ve been really reading a lot of books to improve how I deal with financial anxiety. This book gives great insight on how to relax and let it come to you!

I recommend this book to anyone that needs help with managing financial goals. People that think “money is the root of all evil” or people like me that believe in the law of attraction or people like me that used to speak negatively about my finances “I’m on a fixed income” and I would speak my bank DRY! anyways this book is most! I’m obsessed with books that teach me something and I know I will continue to reference back to this. I don’t like to spend money and I purchased.. so that should say something 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

Life with Telia

Is my blog obsession of the week! I feel in love with the fact she is mommy blogger with a positive outlook on life. Her joyful and vibrant spirit comes through in her writing, she’s stunning and post topics are relatable to me. Check out her latest post Raising 2 under 2… I’m raising one that’s 2 and well I’m completely impressed by anyone that can accomplish this task🤣🥂 check out her blog she’s amazing! I’m completely obsessed.

@CornerNike is my Twitter of the week. I follow Nike because she’s an sweet hard working blogger from Nigeria

She’s super supportive in the blogging community I always see her sharing and participating. She just amazing and her blog post are fire. Her last post was “20 girls night out ideas” it made me need like 6 more friends to do things with 🤣 great twitter to follow!


Is my instagram obsession of the week. He’s a young talent manger based out of L.A. I love his Instagram because I love the behind the scenes feel because I AM NOSEY👀

I saw that he films COOKING WITH PREACH and I flipped and slid into his DM’s and was like “I’m obsessed with you now and featuring you on my blog” 🤷🏾‍♀️ I just loved his feed and all he does. It’s just a very interesting feed and I’m behind on it because he has 15k followers but I’m an elder millennial.. I catch on things slowly. Anyways these are my obsessions of the week. Feel free to send your suggestions! I pick the obsessions over the weekend so send me things🤗🤗 I got 3 new podcast suggestions people sending them to me like mixtapes.

Have a great day!!

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