Spencer and Heidi Pratt Retweeted my blog post!

This morning I posted in my favorite Facebook blog group that I would “JUST DIE IF SPENCER PRATT RETWEETED MY BLOG POST”

He retweeted but Heidi Retweeted First

I have been just over the moon all day when I obsess over something my whole family is involved. I talk about it I have vision boards about it. I just completely involve myself with it. This morning I just talked to Chris and told him “we have to make a new vision board because I want to add new goals since I will see Perez in September, I need a goal beyond that I would love if Spencer Pratt followed me that my next celebrity follow. I am a huge fan of them both they were famous when I was in my early 20’s and pregnant so I binged watched the Hills before binge watching was a thing and I was stuck on Perez Hilton’s website when I was on bedrest in 2006 lol ….pregnancy is like prison your life kinda halts where you had the first one… so my brain and life halted in 2006/7 so I’m obsessed with the pop culture icons of that time. So I watched these people and just truly enjoy them as entertainment so the fact I was retweeted just blows me away. I had to document this on my own blog so I could just keep the memory of this summer.

I got a follow from Perez.

And Mattie James liked a post I was mentioned in. WTF

I’m so grateful! I’m crying in my car in the front of the grocery store

I’m just so happy. The only reason I never started a blog is because I didn’t think anyone would read my writing. I stopped myself my living my dream so that’s why I tell people just do it. You never know who is going to read or share your work. You don’t know who’s reading your story or who shares what you go through. I’m just a mom from Temecula but my story resonates with so many women because I am so many women. So many of us get so caught up in being mom and wife, we forget who are and what we love. I love writing, I love sharing my life online, I love sharing what I love with others and I’m blessed enough to do it for a living now. I document it because it doesn’t seem real. (Pics or it didn’t happen lol) This is the perfect way to kick off 5 months of blogging. August is going to be a good month. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow! Twitter is crazy!

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