Coffee and mimosas: Saturday confessions

Well it’s Saturday… and on Saturday I clean, check my stats

I’m up 2k views this week🙌🏾

I’m up 168 followers this week on Instagram (THANK YOU!!!)

Twitter I hit 1k and I’m growing past that! And I’m at like 175 blog subscribers and I’m so happy!! I’m happy for the growth but I’ll be real I’ve been emailing all weekend and got no responses back so I’m a little bummed😕 you’re only as good as your last at bat and well I haven’t had a brand response in about a week. I know that’s not a long time but yeah.. that bothers me a little but other than that I feel like I wonderful week business wise (sips coffee) No on the mama front (GULPS MIMOSA) I just finished cleaning my house so all of the kids can play.. yes alllll there’s 5 total. Chris has 3 kids by 3 other women…. when we met online he told me he was divorced with 3 kids I assumed the kids were from that woman.. nope! Nopity nope nope nope lol he was in the Navy and yeahhhhhhhhhhhh he were are I have 3 bonus kids

I love the happiness and honest me and the moms all get along great. They call, we text, I their kids step mom I love them and respect them and there’s no drama.. I mean we have moments we’re human but we know the main goal is for these kids to grow up together. They didn’t choose to have the parents they have but it’s our responsibility to behave like adults and provide these kids with a happy childhood.. that being said.. I’m basically cleaning so 5 kids can tear my house apart so I’m just drinking mimosa and watching the damage occur 🤷🏾‍♀️ right now is the calm before the storm. Chris is on the way back from San Diego, I’m watching some YouTube Gary Vee on the breakfast club learning some entrepreneur tips and just chillin. My Saturday’s typically I just study for the blog and hang with the girls, but I’m actually looking forward to having Chris home. He works for Honda so he’s only off one weekend a month and the one weekend he has off we have the kids and he’s so happy and the house is filled with laughter and honestly the kids are just enjoy being in the same house with their dad. He’s happy having all his babies and I jus love feeling that happiness. It’s different having a blended family that’s uber blended. There’s 4 women, with 4 personalities and parenting techniques etc all trying to keep it kosher for the sake of these babies. It’s a balancing act that hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely worth it. Well I have to pop a pizza in the oven and jump in the shower to meet Chris and the kids at the grocery store. It’s going to be a crazy busy weekend but I’m excited. It’s been a while since we had the babies. Chris had to work to make quota so he worked the last few months no weekend off. I’m happy we get to spend sometime together even if we’re covered in kids at least we’re together.


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