#Getperezontv2018 Update: PEREZ GOT ON TV!

In May I sent a tweet that got RT’d by Perez

I got sooo involved in the Tweet I even had a T-Shirt made!

Perez even posted my blog post on his blog

Yep! That’s my post! PEREZ HILTON’S WEBSITE! That gesture alone made me a fan for life! Perez is the only celebrity I know that actually interacts with his fans. The more he interacts the more I cheer him on! I got my first media job because of Perez Hilton and I will be heading to see him at Chippendales September 1st! I’m a super fan! So when he tweeted this


I slid in his DM’s and congratulated my friend.

No I’ve never met him, but I watch him every day, I read his work and I truly want this man to win! I’ve followed his life for the past 14/15 years and I’ve never seen him this happy

I can’t wait for trip to Vegas! I just want to see him in all his glory🤣 I can’t believe in less than one month I’ll be able to see my hero, working! I’m so excited this man got a school I texted my nana at 1100pm

I’m just happy my friend made it. I listen to his Podcast religious and watch his YouTube. Perez just brings me joy with the way he is. I’ve grown with Perez and I’ve seen Perez grow and I honestly think that’s what the deep connection is. I was a wild, wild party girl until I had a daughter and had really reevaluate who I was as human. I was a mean girl. I was a vapid party girl, I lied, I did everything you could do, I just wasn’t a good person in my 20’s and I own that. Perez has a past that gets thrown at him often and he owns it and he’s grown. I just look him and where is come from and where he is and I’m inspired. Perez started his blog in his apartment. Now he’s in Vegas. HEADLINING! I’m always in”twitter beefs” defending Perez because people can’t seem to separate 2006 from 2018🤷🏾‍♀️ Perez takes the criticism in stride, he feeds off it. When he says “COME FOR ME” I feel it! It’s fierce and just so motivating! Perez speaks the truth about the lives of others and often times it’s hard to hear the truth about your favorite stars so people lash out, but Perez just rises above and does his job and I love that! Perez is a working parent just like me and I love that! Perez stresses about if he’s a good parent.. I do that too! He’s just so relatable. Perez is everything I want to be someday and that’s why I love him. He works hard, he’s a great dad and son, he helps his fans. That man did not have to post my blog on his page. He changed my life, and it’s not in a fake like way I got a job because of Perez, followers because of Perez… I’m going to Vegas BECAUSE OF PEREZ. I prayed for that man get on tv😂 (hey you can pray for anything… I pray for a lot of things and a lot of people I pray for each and everyone of my friends and Mario aka Perez is a person that I will consider a friend as long as I live) it’s nice to see good things happen to good people!! My next update on Perez will have pictures of Perez that I took myself!! 🙌🏾 Dreams do come true!

Perez got on tv… I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this shirt.. it’s Iconic now!


  1. This is awesome – love it and your enthusiasm, Perez is lucky to have ppl like you in his corner! One person CAN make a difference! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting do love me some Perez he’s a great guy that’s changed and I’ve loved this journey thank you again for reading


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