8 Tips to balancing it all #mombosswife

Being a mom is a full time job. Add a full time job and blog.. well you’ve got yourself a 3 ring circus if you don’t manage it all! The last 5 months I manage to stay 89% sane, keep my family alive and grow my blog and social media🙌🏾 all jokes aside it hasn’t been easy but these 8 tips have been beneficial in keeping my circus running smoothly:1. Wake up early!

In order for me to get a jump on the day I have to work on my blog and social media before I wake up my family and get them and myself ready for work. I give myself an hour and half to check emails, comments, network, craft an Instagram post, check my Facebook groups, have a cup of coffee. Early wake up is essential to the success of have a blog and job. Yes it’s hard but it’s a necessity. There are only 24 hours in a day. You have to be willing to sacrifice a little sleep for the greater good. To quote Mattie James “How can you change the world if you won’t even change the time you wake up in the morning?” That early wake up gives you such a mental head start. I can really tell the difference when I sleep in. I feel like I’m scrambling to catch up the rest of the day. When I wake up early and get things done I feel more relaxed, focused and in control of my day.

2. Take time for spiritual and mental care.

As soon as my feet hit the grand I thank God for being alive. I do some journaling and read a scripture. I strongly suggest you take sometime to do whatever spiritual devotion you need to do during the wake up. Give yourself time to mentally prepare for you day. I only allow positive thoughts to enter my mind the first 30 minutes I’m awake. I do yoga and just give thanks. I really take time focus on my mental needs and shift into a place of positivity before I start anything. My mood effects everyone. So I really focus on my mental clarity and happiness. I focus on inner peace in the morning and write in my gratitude journal. When I write out and see what I’m thankful for I automatically become happy. It really helps the mind to see “wow I have a great life to be thankful for.” It’s so motivational to see what your grateful for and working for.

3. Batching

I like to shoot 2 or 3 flat lays in a night so I can have them at the ready for “Flatlay Friday” that’s the way I make batching work for me. batching would work great if your a fashion blogger you can shoot all your outfits for one week in your free-time or off day my off days and simply post them when you need. The more you batch the easier it is to post when you’re in a time crunch.

4. Alarms and Schedules

I run based on organized chaos

On top of waking up early I have alarms set for peak times for posting where I live. I also have a planners dedicated to blogging, family and work. (You gotta keep em’ separated🤘🏾) if I don’t write it down I won’t remember it! I won’t remember where my children are 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ I have a meeting Sunday after church with Chris, my nana, and our childcare provider. It’s a couple group text just make sure we are all on the same schedule. my schedule for work is the same however the girls have school and Chris has job, my nana pick up the girls so I can grab the after work.. it’s a lot it requires a quick meeting. My blog also requires a meeting it’s a job and I treat it as such and every month I have a blog event to attend so I have to keep everyone in the loop on events and changes as they occur. Communication and organization is key.

5. Delegate Task

I hate to break it to you but there is no prize for being a super mom and doing it all. I do NOT do it all. I delegate within my support system (which is basically Chris and my nana🤷🏾‍♀️) I do cook, clean, blog and work so when I get tired I say “I’m overwhelmed. Can someone do the laundry this week?” It doesn’t happen to often.. I am a control freak. So when I say I need help,it’s true. I don’t feel bad about needing help. I 👏🏾CAN 👏🏾NOT 👏🏾DO 👏🏾IT 👏🏾ALL👏🏾 so I don’t. Chris is a very hands on dad.

If I need time to clean or just regroup my brain we talk about it he takes the kids to park or he will cook dinner so I don’t get overwhelmed. We are a team. I don’t have to do it all. I love Kobe but I pass the Ball when I have too. That is the only way this team works. If you have a good support system… USE IT! USE IT NOW! and if you use your support system let them know you appreciate them! Show them love for relieving the burden it’s give and take. If you delegate.. gets some gifts to them delegates🥂❤️

6. Log out

Yes I said it log out. Blogging is 24 hours and that caused a lot of tension between me and my family in the beginning. So we came up with a rule when the family is all together no screens. So typically that’s 6pm till the kids fall asleep. After the kids fall asleep I can do what I want I’m groooooowwwwwn! But date nights are no phones, no scrolling. When my kids say “‘mama..” the phone goes down and I check it before I fall asleep (or in my weird times I get kicked in the face by the baby because I co-sleep😩) I put this phone down I’m online in some fashion from 0525-1800 that’s 13 hours practically.. if I don’t get what I need done in 13 hours it has to wait till the kids and Chris get sick of me 🤷🏾‍♀️ They matter. They need my time. I work when they sleep. That’s when I do most of my networking and everything.

7. Use your free time with intention

Your blog is a full time job.. so is everything else in your life. So use whatever free time you have with intention. When my family is sleep I pitch, when we are riding in the car I listen to podcast and books on tape..or books on YouTube (I’m cheap😏) I take every free moment I have and devote it to better myself and bettering this blog. Use whatever free time you have for networking, learning new techniques, take a class do what you can in the time you can to be better.

8. Rest

Take time to rest. I like to watch reality tv shows, sip mimosas and do a whole lot of nothing on Sundays. I call it a brain dump. I literally do nothing but rest up and get ready for the week on Sunday. I plan, I watch YouTube and clean my house. I sing in a bikini to Beyoncé and take my babies to church. I do what want and just relish in relaxing. It’s very important to take time to do nothing if you have an extensive schedule. I noticed when I started taking dedicated time for self care I flourished! I felt better, I started looking forward to Sunday and times alone and dedicated to self care. It’s also important to turn off and get ready for you day job. Staying mentally fresh for work, blog and momming are essential. It’s not easy to achieve balance but the only way to do so is take care of you. You have to be a little bit selfish. If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t properly take care of anything else.

Let me know what you think of these tips 🤗


    • Amen girl!! Yess! I can tell when I haven’t prayed and got right with the lord! My whole day is just off! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post I appreciate it❤️❤️

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