#batmomgoestoschool: I NEED GUIDANCEp

I’m currently waiting for an appointment to speak to a guidance counselor about what to next. I went to back to school to finish and get a degree in what I want. I’ve been a nurse almost a decade and although I have enjoyed every second of it. I’ve suppressed my creativity my entire life. In this 5 month journey of starting a blog I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve loved social media and content creation for so long. However I never thought I could make a living doing it. Well I’m happy to report that I do make a living in social media and I love every aspect of this business. I have discovered a deep love for the marketing aspects of blogging. I enjoy promoting my post as much as I enjoy writing them. The entire process thrills me. Nothing excited me more that writing a pitch and receiving an email like this:

I pitched an idea for back to school content on my instagram, when I received an email for me information I was so excited I woke my fiancé up. I looked at him and said “baby.. when I write those emails, I take hours, sometimes days and love making the paragraph just right adding the right links and information that sparks interest it’s like sex! Is that normal..’I want to write pitches for a living? Is there a degree for that?” Chris laughed and said “That’s not weird you just love what you do.” I’ve never really experienced anything the like the rush I get on a “good social media day” A good social media day is one with a lot of “likes” on my blog content, a share of blog post is magnificent, “likes” on Instagram, new RT’s… that’s a good day in the office. A great day is pitching blog and content ideas to brand and receiving positive feed back. That’s what I love. I know I don’t need a degree to be a blogger or to work in social media but I noticed a lot of the bloggers I follow and admire have degrees in Marketing, P.R and Broadcast Journalism. I want to be taken seriously there’s nothing wrong with education. Even if I never get a job in P.R or marketing etc it’s just going to feel good finally doing what I want. I had a little mouth to feed at 21 so I didn’t really have time to pursue what I wanted. I needed to graduate fast and make a good living for my daughter and I. I’ve done that. In raising my daughter and teaching her to be who she is I realized I wasn’t being who I am because I never tried. I was taught things I wanted career wise weren’t attainable blogging wasn’t even an option and journalist didn’t look like me, dancing well I was good but not professional good and I couldn’t coach cheer and dance any more because I was a mom. I placed all my creatively on a shelf. I’ve taught her to follow her dreams but for so long I haven’t followed mine. I am now and It’s been great and I don’t know where this is going which is why I’m here waiting for a guidance counselor.. hopefully they can at least tell me which class to pick this semester 🤷🏾‍♀️ I know they can iyanla fix my life in 30 minutes but a quick “nah B.. P. R will take you 65 semesters” is all I’m looking for. I want this to be my future. I can see myself as a P.R Executive.. or handling P.R for a client.. I really like that idea😍

Anyone have any information or experience in P.R? Marketing? What’s it really like.. let me know I’m the comments. (Maybe I’m making it all Romantic and it’s awful 🤷🏾‍♀️)


    • Thank you so much I just want to know what I’m doing and that moving in the right direction I don’t want to waste time I want to grow and finish college lol thank you for reaching out

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  1. I’m so happy for you that you’ve finally taken a step in doing something YOU love. I have national diploma in Marketing and I really enjoyed my studies. Haven’t really used it in my career, but I do feel that it could be taken to another level with a blog and social media marketing is big right now. Good luck on your new endeavor, wishing you all the best! xx

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