#Obsessed: mommy blogger and influencers

This week was an AMAZING week. I’ve been obsessed with really focusing on making blogging a long term career. Not just focusing on the money making part..that will come.. but there needs to be a reason people want to pay.. so I’m not focusing so much on blogging to make money. I did start that way however I’ve learned after 5 months and only making a few hundred dollars. I’ve learned there’s A LOT to this business of blogging and influencing so I really spent this week just bathing in information. This week I was so obsessed with The influencer podcast By Julie Solomon

This podcast is so necessary if you’re a new blogger. She breaks down everything you need you need to know about being a blogger, influencer etc. yes.. she’s trying to sell you something in the first minute of the podcast but honestly she gives results. I have listened for a while and applied her principles to my pitching to brands and I’ve been successful. I listened to some episodes this week 3 and 4 tomes because the information was just just so beneficial. There is an episode titled “Everything you need to know about growing a blog” that I posted to my personal Facebook page it was so necessary. I have learned to write more engaging post this week. Her podcast so good I listened and had no time to read a book of the week!🤷🏾‍♀️ however I did find a book of the week via this podcast.. I’m at home watching Julie on a YouTube https://youtu.be/b5K4iITmfUY

this video is packed with so much information that I can’t believe it only has 245 views (those views are probably from me🤷🏾‍♀️) they talk about building yourself as blogger and brand. How engagement matters etc I’m just obsessed great podcast, great motivation! Love! love! Love!


Is my Instagram obsession of the week. She’s a riot! I love her in your face attitude, and foul mouth. She’s just like me on the other side of the world. She keeps it real and she’s really funny. I was so obsessed I slid into her dm’s and became friends. Her content is so relatable and engaging. She’s a hardworking mama with and amazing stuff to share. Her wit and humor make her one of a kind and most follow for your Instagram.

“Two of them one of me”

Is my blog obsession of the week. This young woman is such a brilliant and gifted writer. She’s a young mother raising her kid children as a single mom. Reading her blog you see her grow through her daily life as mom, her dealing with healing from past hurt, she just went through a big chop, I sat a read through her blog for like an hour last night with a glass of wine and just said “chillleeee… it gets better! You’re amazing! Please keep writing so I know that your thriving!” She’s just a gift and her story needs to be seen by more people. I’m obsessed 🙌🏾


Is my twitter obsession. She’s sunshine on Twitter and I love her! I love logging in a seeing her. She’s so positive and always sharing other blogs. She gives tips to new bloggers and she’s so down to earth. I’m always so happy when I log in and see her name pop up in my twitter feed. She never has had thing to say. In my mind we’re best friends! I love her twitter! I loved her entertaining post. Her writing and blogs are phenomenal and that’s why she’s my twitter obsession of the week! If your a blogger the must follow is RUTH! Will not only learn steps to be a better blogger you’ll be a better human from the happiness she spreads. It’s palpable. She makes twitter a good place. I’m not like her twitter bestie or anything, I just truly like seeing what she tweets.

This week is kind of rushed it’s back to school shopping, church, surprise guest for Brooke so I’m in rush but let me know what you think and please give those I mentioned a follow they are truly amazing and so necessary!!!

Have a great rest of the week


  1. Hey girl!!! I am always on the hunt for a new podcast so I’m definitely going to follow the one you like. If you are looking for podcasts about influence and blogging,check out ProBlogger by Darren Rowse. You can find it on the Stitcher radio app. I wrote a blog post about an episode that really stuck out to me called ” How To Build Authority and Influence When No One Knows You”. Feel free to check it out at mommyincolorreads.wordpress.com
    Great blog!

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