I need Iyanla to fix my life

I’m laying here at 0522 Saturday morning looking up at the ceiling don’t know what to do with my future. I love blogging.. I love all aspects of it however I’m drawn to advertising and marketing side.. also P.R.. I love to pitch.. I love finding the right photo and agonizing over the right words to say. That’s so thrilling! Every blogger that I admire ( Mattie James, Julie Solomon, Marina De Giovanni) I’ve bought their books, attended webinars, podcast, I’ve drowned myself in information only to discover all of these bloggers have extensively studied marketing and adverting prior to their careers in blogging. Do I need that? All the bloggers telling me to quit my 9-5 to make 6 figures blogging all had 6 figure jobs to begin with that they had the option to leave and they knew the business. The had an in…I’m a nurse. Hell I didn’t even know what an invoice was this week and I had to send one out. That lead me to think I needed business classes to just know what’s going in and coming out. Then I get messages like this:

the truth is I do want to be a life coach but I don’t know what the certifications are and I feel like I need to live a little more to be able to provide adequate coaching. My life just got good.. I want a few more years of happy and experience blogging before I set out to be a life coach I just don’t feel qualified..Granted I’ve lived through so much.. the death of my parents, survived numerous sexual assaults, addiction, nearly killed from being pistol whipped in a domestic violence incident. I’ve been through it all and I’m still here. There’s a reason for all the things I’ve gone through and I want to tell my story I just want to know what I need for my professional career. I’m freelance I’m not really trying to get hired at p.r firm but I’d like to handle p.r… in the future… maybe start my own boutique advertising agency 🧐…it’s like I finally have options and choices and I don’t know how to make them because I just don’t know what it entails. I dream of the day I can stay home and just work from home and I’m trying to see what I need education wise to be able to do that and actually make an income, not just an income a career. I don’t want to be affiliate linking myself to death. I plan to write an ebook later in my career I have plans I just need to know where to start. I’m building this platform and making a difference to people I just want to do it right. I don’t like to anything half assed. So if I’m a blogger I want to make sure I have to right tools to really succeed and it seems like to be successful and a household name you need to have a backpack in marketing, advertising or p.r.. I know I don’t need that to be a life coach or motivational speaker and I see there’s courses that cost a few grand and BOOM you’re a life coach. I just need help and really don’t want to choose wrong and end up wasting time and money. I don’t want to start on this path to advertising and hate it.. I know I could be a life coach because honestly I just want to show people if I can live through everything I have and I’m still here and thankful and thriving you can too. I don’t like to talk about my past because it’s sad and I don’t like people to equate me with sadness and tragedy. However if it could help others I want too tell my story. It’s just been a confusing week. I couldn’t even pick classes because I’m frozen and can’t make a choice. I was always taught “when you don’t know what to do.. do nothing and the answer will come” I’m doing nothing… and I’m completely tormented by it. I finally found what I love to do, I want to make a future doing it.. I just don’t know the steps. I need write a new business plan because my last On was to just get followers and that would magically be the end of it… I was wrong lol if you have an audience that’s a blessing. I want to use my platform to help people. I want to do it in the most beneficial way.. advertising is amazing but does it really help people.. I guess in a round about way it does.. I mean you need something and trust someone who endorses the product.. but life coaches change lives… ugh it’s sooo hard deciding what you want to be when you grow up.. even when your 33. I’m blessed to even have this many opportunities for my future but I just really don’t want to waste time and money😞 I want to do this and know there’s a future… that’s the scary part… not knowing. I hate not knowing.


I talked to Chris and was able to express I know I’m freelance I just want to look super professional when I’m pitching to brands and I do think it’s better to have a degree it doesn’t make it better Chris said “well in regards to the life coach you were born to do it so do it but learn what steps and a degree sounds better than a bunch of courses in advertising so just go for it and see if you like it you’ll never go till you try, also you need to patient. When you started this a month a go you were complaining you would never grow, never get a subscribers and here you are, every takes time and you want the career of people who have been there for years, you have to stop being an impatient control freak.. just let it happen”

A man on a toilet gave me the best life advice ever… I need to just stop worrying about the future and just let it happen. I have a clue as to where I’m heading. I started this to finish college so I will I know the degree isn’t necessary and I don’t have to pick a major in the morning so, I’m just going to continue to enjoy this. I’m going to investigate what I need to be a life coach 5-6 years from now but until then I’m going to just continue to learn and grow on this journey.


  1. Girl you are doing better than I am…I’m a SAHM with no education beyond highschool,no job,no money and a 2nd baby on the way. I want to blog professionally and I have NO MONEY to perk up the blog I’ve had for 6 years. Good luck and I’ll be praying…for both of us. Love the blog!


  2. Your post is so relatable. I’m a nurse too and I started blogging a few months ago. Like you, I’m thinking of getting other training programs, but there’s still a lot of things I have to consider. I hope in time, I’ll figure out which way to go next. In the meantime….. Just going with the flow and enjoying the learning process.


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