Coffee and mimosa chat

Happy Sunday! We made it through the week! It was a rough ONE! I live by the Holy Fire so most of my week was spent worrying about evacuation

Fortunately for my family the fire moved north and we lived a couple miles south.. so it was a week a praying the wind didn’t blow😅

Now let’s talks business (Sips Coffee)

I am obsessed with numbers… INSIGHTS!!

Blog insights I’m looking and getting very excited that I’m close to 10k visitors for me I just have a personal goal of making it to 10k visitors before 6 months blogging. No real reason why.. I’m just very competitive🤷🏾‍♀️ I’ve been listening to my audience and stalking my audience

Instagram insights I like to see my audience age, location.. I’m nosey and I like to know who I’m talking to. I’ve been really focusing on the foundation of brand.. who I am, what I represent and where I’m going I also like to check my insights to see what content my audience is reacting to

I like to see what is being engaged with so I can make more of it🤗 I’ve been really trying to narrow down my niche, listen to my audience and create content that is shareable.

Thursday a great friend of mine text me that my blog post about Gary Vee’s $1.80 instagram growth method was making its rounds in blogger groups because IT WORKS! I was so happy to know I’m creating content that’s helpful. I went in to this week creating post that solve problems. I also listened to a great podcast called “The goal digger podcast”

That talks about doubling your Instagram audience.. essentially in order to double your Instagram following.. Take time out of your day to engage with you audience and create content that caters to your audience. They follow you for a reason. That was my struggle this week. I’m trying to find direction, find my niche etc I know a lot of this just takes time and patience. I’m an impatient control freak. It’s very difficult to just be patient sometimes especially when you’re listening to podcast and watching videos of people who make it all seem so simple. They make it seem as if you wake up, write on viral post and TA-Da you can quit your job and work for home and be a blogger. While that very well can happen.. One has to have the knowledge of how to create a viral post. I have to constantly remind myself I’ve only been doing this for 5 months. I can’t compare where I am to these brilliant creators who have been doing this for YEARS! I realized this week I need to keep doing what I’m doing FOR YEARS and just enjoy it. I’m not in a race.. The beauty in running your own blog, brand business is you control it all. You take your time a fine tune your craft and when it’s your time.. it’s your time. I also learned this week every opportunity that comes your way isn’t for you.TV CAME CALLING😍 I was ready to be a bridezilla! Yes to Tv exposure right?

Wrong. My 12 year old Brooke text me and snap some sense into me and did my fiancé I came home all excited about finally having an opportunity to be on television but do I really want to be know as a “Bridezilla” for one.. I’m not mean. I’m sassy under my breath but I’m not they type to hurt anyone’s feeling or have unrealistic demands… I just wanted to be on tv however the people know me would know… that’s not me. So I pouted at my lost opportunity but when my daughter said “I don’t want a mom that’s a bridezilla!” I had to remember she’s in middle school and kids are cruel. These choices and opportunities don’t just effect me they effect my entire family. That was a huge lesson, you have to get the input of your family and support. Also if you work hard to build something the wrong opportunity could really damage you. On to mimosa..

Brooke is going to back to school and I’m just not ready for my baby to grow up. I’m not one of those moms who can’t wait to send my kids to school. Yes she drives me nuts… but I know that I only have 18 years with my baby and then her life is her’s to decide. I know Brooke is going to college. She’s talked about college since she was 9 years old and she actually gets excited to school supply shop.. it’s bizarre🤣 she’s 12 now and in 7th grade. I don’t have many more school supply trips left and that really makes cry. I love the big one. My first born. The reason I’m a mom. I’m just not used the idea of her growing up, but like it or not it’s happening. I trust her and I know she will be fine. I worry about the bullies. She’s bullied for being smart, witty and skinny. They call her uncooked spaghetti. I try to get her to homeschool and she says “‘mama this is a part of life, plus I live for the school drama.. yeah they tease me but I like to see the kids get into trouble and into fights I people watch.” I get that so all I do is pray for her safety and pray God gives her genuine friends and that she keeps her attitude about life.

Well that’s it for this week!!

Leave your comments below let me know what you think of this weeks chat!


  1. Awesome! I appreciate that you not only share your progress but what you’ve learnt about what causes that progress. And not only that, you gave me a peek into your life as a mom. Brooke is so smart and I love it. But I’m not surprised because her mother is batmom85! Hahaha!

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    • I love your blog!! Thank you for the comment I like to show my progress so others progress is possible if you work at it each day🤗 Brooke’s the beat thing to ever happen to me. I’m so proud of her. She’s going places and I can’t wait to see where she’s going. I’m blessed to be her mom. Thank you again for the beautiful comment. It made my day. I followed you blog I’m gonna read it.. it’s got some good titles….. mmmmm🥂


  2. This was great to read, it’s certainly shown us that it’s not as easy as these podcasts and e-books can make it out to be sometimes. Great lessons from a great writer!! We look forward to reading more x


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