3 reasons new bloggers need to use Facebook

I have to be honest I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. Personally I’ve been on the platform 10 years so it’s a battle..Majority of my following knows me from posting memes and being extremely active and comical on my personal facebook page. Facebook is the first social media platform that I reached 1k followers on. At the time I was not a blogger or pursing social media as a career I was just funny on Facebook 🤷🏾‍♀️ As I’ve come into my own as blogger I set up a Facebook page strictly for my Personal blog I followed the instructions of several youtubers and bloggers when taking my blog serious and made a Facebook business page. I love the page… I just haven’t given the page love and it shows in my pages insights

For some reasons I just really hadn’t kept us with posting on my blogs Facebook and this page basically survived on the post linked from Instagram which is ok but it’s not enough to grow. I started engaging more on my blogs business page and immediately I saw results.

This poor business page… anyways This brings me to the reasons every new blogger news Facebook even if you hate the platform as a social media platform as blogger it’s paramount and hers why.

1. Sharing!

Let’s look at the numbers. Pinterest is of the devil because I haven’t taken the time to learn the platform and we’re not even going to acknowledge Pinterest in this post sooo🙄😒 if you look at the number from the month of July I had a lot of traffic coming from Facebook. That’s from promotions and sharing from family and friends. I have a 10 year relationship with my Facebook audience. They have followed the journey of me and my daughter Brooke for the last 10 years so the blog post are just apart of their life and thankfully they share my content. Facebook has the easiest “Share” option in my opinion but once again I’ve been on Facebook as a platform the longest so the and convenience of the app comes natural to me. If you have a active and engaged Facebook audience be grateful to them number one and focus on the content that your Facebook audience is sharing and create more of that. Facebook can be your friend if utilized correctly.

2. Cheap marketing and Advertising!

When I first started this blogging journey I purchased Facebook ads every Friday. I gave myself a marketing budget of $10-20 a week and ran ads to direct traffic at the time to Instagram because that’s the platform I was focusing on growing.

I’ve decided to use Facebook ads again to promote my blogs Facebook page

What I Love is that you can promote your page for THE LOOOWWWWW!

For $2 a day I’m going to possible expose my blog to a up to 6k people that I can hand pick.

I know my audience and where they live based on knowing my insights on all social media platforms and purchase ads targeting my specific audience. I love that! $10 and possibly 6k new readers and followers from all over the world!! Sign me up!

3. Facebook groups.

I can’t stress enough the importance of Facebook groups I really only participate in 2. My own marketing group and The power bloggers mastermind group by Marina De Giovanni. That group is so beneficial to me and blog. That’s the first blogging group I joined and they have supported my journey and they share my work. I also had my first guest post from that group. Meet a blogging best friend. Groups are just the best places to really network. You can find bloggers in your niche. You can share your work. They give you tips. It’s just a really an incredible exchange of creativity. The beauty of Facebook groups is that you naturally pack up and you are naturally drawn to groups of people in your niche. There’s so much inspiration to be found it Facebook groups it’s just remarkable. The Facebook blogging community is great for sharing meaningful content.

Facebook is not my favorite platform but the results speak for themselves with Facebook. If you purchase ads and promote reasonably you will get great results in blog traffic from Facebook. I highlight recommend every new blogger get a business Facebook page specifically for their blog. It’s free it’s easy to set up and you can link all your social media to share to your business page. I suggest you’re active on your business page as well to get your engagement rates up and get your content seen on peoples time line. Don’t worry about being annoying if you don’t have a ton of money… you’re not going to show up annoyingly😅 the more money you spend the more you’ll show up.

Leave me comment with your Facebook blog page if you have one I’d love to follow it.. if you don’t have a Facebook blog page…😒☹️ you need to get on that my friend.

Until next time 🤘🏾


  1. Do you select your audience by countries? States? Wouldnt the results be a little to wide if i select several countries?
    I understand that the niche ur targeting shouldnt be to big, what do u think?
    By the way great post! Thanks!

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    • I target countries because I have readers all over the world, every blogger does lol I looked at my insights and I had a lot of readers from different countries and I interact a lot with my audience and I don’t have niche…. I’m still finding it I just know my audience 21-44 women (moms and entrepreneurs) all over the world so since my scope is wide I can cast a wider net. I honestly thinks your target is whatever you’re trying to accomplish at the time.


  2. I really struggle with Facebook! I had a page but then deleted it because I don’t really like the idea of my friends knowing I have a blog just yet and Facebook groups give me a bit of traffic but only a small amount. Which Facebook groups are you a part of?

    Beth x | https://bethrebecca.com

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  3. I am so glad you wrote this post!!! I’ve had my blog’s FB page for about 8 months or so and I have 120 blog followers but nearly that much on the FB page. I am seeing more engagement now that I’m posting other blogs and videos in my niche but I think I’m going to bite the bullet and boost some posts. My blog FB page is facebook.com/mommyincolor if you want to check it out.

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    • I’m gonna check it out nowwwwww!!! And yes Facebook is the best site for sharing and engagement I love it for that!


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