My 3 tips for finding toddler fashions online

I love shopping online for Christy!

As the mother of a spunky toddler on the go I’m always looking for the latest toddler fashions. When I shop for clothes for Christy online I look for 3 things, #1 clothing that is fashion forward, #2 clothing that is high quality and # 3 clothing that is easy on my budget. I was able to meet all my needs on one site!

This outfit is from when I laid eyes on this outfit and completely fell in love.

I loved the quote on the shirt! It takes a boss to make a “Mini Boss” so I had to “add to cart” the shirt is machine washable as is the skirt on the delicate cycle. The clothing was all very well made considering the price.

At $14.95 it was steal! As a mama on a budget I love things that look like million bucks without spending it.

The tiny faux leather skirt was just icing on the cake.

I was presently surprised with the quality of these pieces because of their price! Normally I worry she won’t get many wears out of the outfit but I can see she’s going to have this for a while. I was thrilled that my little lady could look like a million bucks for less than $20! The outfit also arrived fairly quickly which I loved.If you haven’t already click the link and check out to see what they have for your little!

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