My life as a blogger: New job, new clients, new life

I’m so proud to announce that after 5 months of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life, I’ve found a way to work from home and make real money blogging. I used to envy the mothers who could work from home and raise their children. After the birth of my second child, I had extended maternity leave due to complications. When that ended I cried every day on my way to work. I would leave early, cry in the car,dry my tears and do my job. I wanted so badly to work from home to be with my children, to prepare the home and be waiting for my fiancé to come home from work. I wanted to be apart of my own family. I prayed and thought of all the skills I had. I made a list and prayed. For years people told me to start a blog or a Youtube etc because of how much I love social media and interacting with people online. I goggled ways to make money from home.

Blogging was the first thing to show up. I love writing however my own doubt and ignorance about true entrepreneurial experiences coupled with my ignorance of the proper use of social media kept me in a box. I always felt the only ways to make money were traditional ways. So I remained stagnant and complained that I was stuck in one place. I believed that I needed all these things to be a blogger. I realized that I needed to be passionate, willing to put myself out there and willing to make my own opportunities. Since I launched this blog in march I’ve been applying for part time jobs on to bring supplemental income to my family with my writing. I wanted to know if I had what it takes to be a writer. I would spend hours applying for jobs. I doubted myself because for months I heard nothing back, or when I did hear back the jobs were essentially slave labor but I wanted to build my portfolio and credibility as a published writer. I saw a job posting for a the editor of an online fashion magazine. The job was part time and the money was nice… I’d finally be a writer… NAY and EDITOR. I applied not thinking I would hear anything. Then one day

I got a response! I set up and interview was hired!

I am the editor of The Fashion and Lifestyle circle of the site

Small Teaser is a blogging platform that allows bloggers to post their content get views and get paid. The way it works is the platform guarantees payment via ad revenue through views. The platform has a built in ad-server guaranteeing views. The blogging platform was startup of the year last year in Europe and they decided to bring it to the United States!

According to Founded by twins Stijn and Ruth Janssens in 2015, the online platform with a built-in ad server encourages writers and publishers to work together in blogging their content and to be rewarded with a royalty-based share of the ad revenue.

When I read that article I was so proud to become apart of such a wonderful endeavor. Not only do I have a wonderful job. I run a platform that can help my blogger friends get exposure and earn an income!

This platform connects writers to engaged readers!

It also gives blogger the opportunity to earn money from the post they create ( not get rich money $2 per 1k views and cash pay at $20) you can post what you want, as often as you want there’s separate circles.. I’m the editor of “Fashion/Lifestyle”

I get to publish the content of writers who submit their work to the platform! That’s huge! I also get to run the social media!

I had to create a Twitter for so I can engage and share the post sent to me online. This is the most amazing job in the world and I’m so happy! I also have 2 clients on the roster of my social media marketing agency.

I have successfully found ways to make money from home doing things I love! I love to start social media accounts. I love interacting, engaging and growing social media. This is all a dream come true. I don’t plan to quit my day job anytime soon. I’m just blessed to know that there are ways to make an income from home. That there’s options. That’s why I get so excited to tell my friends and offer them help because I’ve read so many post of young moms desperate to make money from home. I wanted to find a way that was low cost start up and actually make money you can live on so I could teach those moms to truly work from home. With learning social media and how to promote I’ve created a job where I can negotiate my fee. I’m so grateful for where this journey is going. I wake up every day with a new adventure. The newest adventure of editor is one I didn’t expect but I’m so grateful and happy! If you see me in your DM’s I’m looking for your work! I’m lookin for amazing lifestyle bloggers. I’m happy that I’ve made so many blogger friends I wasn’t worried about finding writers to contribute a post or two to me. This job was literally made me for me. It’s only part-time but I’m the editor of an E-magazine that gets hundreds of thousands of views daily! I’m still in disbelief and so just so thankful.


All you have to do is put yourself on out there and get out of your own way. If I can make it.. anyone can! I prayed for the life I have now and I thank God everyday I wake up and get to live the life of my dreams! Pinch me.


  1. You know I’ll be picking our brain once I’m up and running mumma! Xox so proud of you, your name will be in lights soon babe I know it!


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