Haircut from hell

Yesterday I had the worst experience I’ve ever had at a barber shop in my life. Yesterday my nana text me:

She had been walking in the mall and saw a very nice barber shop. It was a black owned barber shop and she wanted do so something nice for me. I have a short natural hairstyle. she figured a barber shop could be able to give me a nice experience.. slap some conditioner on me, was my afro and shape it. I had some Skype interviews overseas and my nana wanted me to look right🤷🏾‍♀️ so I was excited I worked all day. Bragged to my friends online I was getting a hair cut. I got there and it was wonderful. There were 3 barbers there all cutting hair elaborately. The razor work alone I saw excited. I started to have visions of a side part in my fro and everything 😍

My nana spoke to the barber who appeared to be the owner. He acted as if he has every intention to “take care of what you want, shampoos condition, shape up” so I was stoked. I looked around and felt like I was in the movie barber shop.

There was music, happiness, bonding. My nana took the girls to get food because the girls were getting antsy. I was alone. I started noticing the barbers were slowing down and taking their time on haircuts. I thought nothing of it, because the cuts were elaborate. The next barber to come out was young and white.. I didn’t immediately judge because in barbershop the white dude could use hair .

So I start texting my nana on the sly because the barber in the front made a comment like “oh you not getting the works like your mom wanted” I replied “no. I’m not I’m just going to get shaped up” the barber was over my shoulder and I didn’t want to make him feel bad. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt till he didn’t know how to pick out my hair… his hands were shaking and I was noticing the barbers in the front (they had two sections a very nice section where the main barbers were cutting and then they had me and they new guy in this crusty back area that looks like it may be a bar some day who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️) anyway I text my nana

As I’m texting and finishing my haircut I go back to the front and I notice the barber to the left eye in the guy who cut my hair and high five him and start laughing. This wasn’t barber shop it was MEAN GIRLS!

These grown men, where mocking and laughing at me and my hair. I felt so small and humiliated. All the had to do was tell my nana that they didn’t offer those services I would have respected that but to humiliate me. I felt pig blood Carrie.

It took me back to moment I experienced that made me hate men specifically black men. This was a black barber shop. I’m sure they knew how to shape an Afro. Yet these grown men felt the need to pawn me off to an inexperienced barber, have him touch my hair etc for $20 and laugh. I felt small. I felt inhuman. I cried myself to sleep. One thing I hate is being laughed. To have a room 7 grown men chuckling because they made a joke of you needing a haircut in a barbershop is just mortifying. I quickly paid and left. My nana went back to address them (against my wishes because I was over it, I was already mortified and didn’t want to make it worse I just wanted it to be over) it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I’m gonna do yelp review. Like I’ve never even had that kind of thought in my life but I was just shocked that business owners would behave that way. Why not just say “no.” I just asked for a haircut at the barbershop not be the butt of their jokes. It was awful I’m back to wearing wraps

I’m going to find a female barber and keep it pushing. This was the worst learning experience of my life.


  1. Awwww babe I’m so sorry you went through this!!!

    Grown men behaving Like pack animals doesn’t shock me at all anymore I see it so often, I’m glad your nana went back girl that’s what nan’s Do best but I am so so sorry.

    YELP the shit out of them!

    Luv ya babe xx

    Christie lee xx

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  2. Girl im so sorry this happened to you. Alex as I told you before is a barber and he has cut women before all types of hair texture because thats what real barbers do. They do their jobs it does not matter that Alex is not black but he is proud to know how to cut black hair, and do flat tops, designs, cut females. he gets mad when so called barbers pass off customers because they do not know how to do something like shave and use a razor barber 101. I know the shop you are talking about all showy use gloves and dies but deep down if the barbers are idiots by this I mean just in it for the money and not wanting to better and grow in their skill set you can not hide that.

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    • Girl it was so degrading. People think it’s just hair but when your hair is short for one and someone just screws it up to be joke it’s sucky but lucky I found someone to fix it and I’m felling a lot better. I had non black barbers in the past so I want scared but when they started laughing at me I was crushed


  3. This was so aggravating to read. It’s really annoying you had this experience! I love going to my barbers so the fact that they made you feel like this says a lot about them as people. But reading your replies I’m glad you found a great barber, there’s nothing better!!!


  4. Hugs from here two months later. I understand exactly how you feel. Shame on the owner and the employees.

    I have straight hair, and five years ago I wanted to get highlights to cover the gray areas around my temples. So I went to the salon my mom went to and asked for that. They made an appointment for me, and when the day and time came, the salon owner pointed me to a new hairstylist, a man, who gave me low light and high lights, and I felt terrible. I paid – can you imagine? – and went home and cut off most of the ends until my hair was a few inches in all different lengths from my scalp. It grew – hair grows as yours has done now – yet at the time I was frantic. My below-jaw-length straight hair was a mess. From then on I used Sun-In and lemon juice and nothing else. No more salons. Now and again I’ll go for a trim, that’s it.


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