Batmom goes to Vegas!

In one week I will be living my wildest dream. Next week I will be in Las Vegas watching my idol blogging icon PEREZ HILTON be the special guest host at Chippendales!

I pitched to Chippendales in July and received media passes to see my idol up onstage! I have been planning non stop and beyond excited! Emails like this

Just get me even more and more excited! V.I.P passes!! I was on top of the world and then my childcare fell through 😅 now this business trip… is a family trip!

Chris and I were kind of planning to use this time as a bit of a get away, bond and be alone…just have a little fun Vegas. However that’s NOT going to happen. So I’ve to decided to make it fun! I’ve never taken my children to Vegas! We’re only going to be there for one day. I’m the cheapest person on the planet so I’m currently searching for fun budget friendly Vegas options! Brooke is excited she gets to snap chat from Vegas 🙄 I’m excited I have some family friendly blog content andddddd I’m going to Chippendales!

FOR WORK!I still can’t believe this trip is all from me reaching out to Chippendales via email pitch!

(Here’s a post I wrote with 8 tips for pitching via email)

I was a little bummed that I wasn’t going to get the coveted adult time I was desperately longing for but I’m excited to just get out of town with the kids for day and just switch locations. It just feels good to going anywhere but home.

It’s refreshing to just think in one week from now I won’t be folding laundry, I won’t agonizing over what I left at the market. I’m going to be in Las Vegas working as blogger. My kids get to see what I do. They get to see mommy working and where a blog can take you.Brooke told me yesterday when she grows up she wants to be a blogger/blogger and I got a little bit emotional. I didn’t even know this was a career option when I was her age. I’m so glad that it’s choice for her. I’m so glad that I can I be an example of what she can do with writing and blogging. I’m proud of this trip. I know it’s just Las Vegas but I didn’t know opportunities like like this were possible 5 months ago. I’m going to be in the same room as PEREZ HILTON!

I get the chance to see the gossip gangster himself do his thing!

I’ve been excited about this since JULY! I was determined to make this happen. To be honest we didn’t know how we would do it. It’s happening though!

When I booked that room last night I started jumping up and down because I was one step closer to my biggest goal! Meet Perez Hilton. Perez is my hero. He’s a symbol of handwork, growth, and he’s self made. He’s hilarious I just adore him. I’ve followed him for years and owe so much of my blogging success to him. He posted a blog post of mine on his website and that was my first professional ounce of writing credibility within the blogging Community. When Perez post you.. that’s it! I’ve developed this wonderful internet friendship with Perez and this is just the best way to end the most remarkable summer of my life. From the moment Perez followed me on Instagram (5/30/2018… Perez proof🙌🏾) my whole life has changed because of blogging and Perez. This trip is going to be interesting to say the least. I now get to plan our family turn around trip!Snack and frequent potty breaks it is! Vegas HERE WE COME!

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