September Goals

I can’t believe it’s SEPTEMBER!!! I’ve been waiting for September since July😅

September 18th will mark 6 months of blogging for me. I’m looking for to that day. It’s been such an amazing journey. I’ve learned so much and experienced things I can’t believe. I’m currently en route to Vegas to meet PEREZ HILTON I truly have no words for the excitement I have. I’m proof if you work hard you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. 6 months ago this blog did not even exist, but now it’s providing me the opportunity to meet my hero and inspiration. This blog has also provided a means of income for me and my family, as well as a cool little chance for a quick family get away to Las Vegas!I’m blessed to say I work part time from home as a blogger after only 6 months. This has been some of the hardest work I’ve have done but it the most rewarding for sure.

I’ve come pretty far but I’m looking at my insights and I’m slipping! I was bringing in steady 5k views but last month I got my job as editor of The Fashion Circle

I’ve been spending time learning another platform, driving traffic to another website. running a magazine and running the ads and social media of another very large but new blog. It’s a pretty amazing job. I get find writers and give them a platform for their work to be seen but it’s still job🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m still learning the platform myself and it’s a lot of hard work and hours spent focusing on that. I had to adjust to waking up at 0430 and 0500 to get work done on these other jobs. I mean I’m being paid to run this site so right now that takes priority.. even though I see it affects my insights and it drives me absolutely insane. I’m the editor of a fashion and lifestyle e-magazine and I can hire my friends and help them build their portfolios so my insights to my personal blog might take a little dip till I can balance this all, we will see how this all goes it’s at will employment.

I plan to pass 20k views… I’m have to participate more in the blogging community I’ve been so busy with my EVERYTHING and I haven’t been able to just read and be active like I want to. In order to increase views I have to be active put my blog out there again the old fashion way! I spent money on Facebook last month in order to increase traffic to own blog and get more blog subscribers.

I worked. I did receive a lot more traffic to blog and I’m at around 230 blog subscribers which is an increase of about 15 or so. I did notice the article that paid to have seen on Facebook really showed significant growth. I will using ads more when I write post that have tips for new bloggers. Those post I’m good to pay to have advertised because I just don’t have time to network as much as I would like. It’s just hit and miss now. Thursday used to be my day for pure networking and I need to just get back to that.

Goals for September

1. Increase engagement across all platforms! I plan to increase my engagement by spending 45 minutes a day networking on each social media platform just engaging!

2. I want to write 2 blog post a week that teach something. ( How to hashtag like a Ninja! And I’m touching up my pitching via Email post, I got a lot of messages about sending emails about sponsorship so I want to get deeper into subject)

3. Keep my editor job😅 I need to find 20 more post… the struggle is really real. I never knew how hard it was being an editor. The title sounds super amazing then once it hits you how involved all that is… oh yeah wow.. lots of coffee and content chasing. I love it though.

4. Relax… I need to relax and enjoy the opportunities I have. Reality is I’ve been in the blogging community for 6 months and I have a very long way to go. I have a lot to learn and I’m excited to learn it all.. but I also need to enjoy my life and take some deep breaths.

What are your goals for September! Share with me in the comments!

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