About Last night…

Last night was one of the best nights of my life! I’m still excited. I can’t believe everything that happened so let’s recap!

I finally got to wear my $8.49 Thrift store find🙌🏾

It was everything! I took my time getting ready the beauty process was up there. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been to male dance shows before but I was heading to meet the world famous PEREZ HILTON! So the pressure was on. I did one final smell test before hitting the road.

(I so can’t believe Chris caught this photo🤣🤣.. I went back to room and put on a little more deodorant.. God forbid you get around all those fine specimens and just be tart, musty funky for days.. no I was not about to have that!!) we jumped in the car and headed to the Rio. I was told to go to the Chippendale’s boutique and meet with the manager Shaeja to receive my ticket and start my drinks and my event of a lifetime!

The Chippendale’s boutique has everything you need to have a girls night out…. a hot date night in. They had toys, souvenirs, clothing all kinds of merchandise. I didn’t look too much I was too excited. I was just people watching, soaking in every single moment of the night.

I was just so excited to be there. I looked at my ticket and I was at the PRODUCTION TABLE!

That’s pretty much front and center! I was given an amazing Long Island ice tea in a super cute class and then I had to hurry into the theater because the show was starting. In the theater you’re not allowed to have any photos or video.. so I stole mine offline 🤷🏾‍♀️

I sat front and center, the lights dimmed and a countdown began “7,6,5,4,” and then you hear Perez say “STOP THE COUNTDOWN” and at that point I lost it! I started screaming like I saw a Beatle! I couldn’t control it! The photos don’t do his opening outfit justice it’s amazing!’

He looked like a ringmaster the details were so on point. Perez was vivacious, hilarious the perfect host. He managed to make a larger theater feel like you were in a living room with your best girlfriends having a blast. I came alone. Which I was a little nervous about but that quickly dissipated. I was seated next to a group of women from Texas celebrating an upcoming wedding. We all hit it off and bonded immediately (The Chippendale’s audience is like sorority you never got to join) they asked why I came and without hesitation I said “I’m here for Perez!” Two ladies behind me heard me and said “Us too! We love him!” We high five clinked glasses and each out expressed in our way that we had no clue was happening but we were ready for whatever. I was riding a high of positive emotions and I just wanted to experience it all!Just then we heard Perez say Shar Jackson was in the audience!

I walked in with her!

The manager had to walk us in to our seats I kinda of recognized her but I didn’t want to be that “OH MY GOD YOU’RE YOU” person so in my mind I was like “I think that Shar Jackson.. I know those EYES! We went to school in mind together on MOESHA!!”

My mind and senses were just all over the places and then the MEN HAPPENED!

This was my favorite.. I don’t want ruin the show but this man right here.. has forever changed the song “Purple Rain” for me. I kept telling my new Texas Friends “I don’t know how to feel, this is Prince so I’m sad but this man is fine and there’s soap rolling down his back and I’m confused about my whole life”

Then there was OKEWA! yeah he was amazing he’s classically trained and it shows😍 the extension is his movements were phenomenal. He was elegant, he was art… he was mostly naked and I throughly enjoyed it. They had these tear away underwear that I need to get my own man so I play Chippendale’s at home. I will forever have this mans perfect toned butt emblazoned on my brain.

Perez had so many outfit changes

He was like magic and then it happened…

Perez Called me on stage!

I got to stand next to Perez Hilton! My dream came true that’s all I wanted! That moment! My mind was going a million miles per minute. I was just so happy and so in shock. He was right there! He was right next me.. breathing the same air and everything!!! I got lead off stage to a throne

I was told I was going to be in the next part of the show.. the part of the show involved MEN IN UNIFORM😍

Jon was the lead dancer for this and he was just the bees knees. He was so friendly and he could totally tell I was nervous. My hands were shaking and he was in Marine Corps dress blues and he asked if I trusted him and I was like “YASSSS” and I got twirled and dipped and I got to rub up on this gorgeous man and he was like “just stand still.. I have to go over here and take my shirt off” and I followed my instructions I stood there and watched him take his shirt off. The whole routine was very patriotic. There was American flags and beefcake all around me. I was just overwhelmed with amount of fine just all around! They aren’t sticky! You assume they dance and they’re all sweaty and gross.. NO. They’re not, they’re soft and smooth and just smell like unicorn tears. Those men are handcrafted by the lord himself 🤷🏾‍♀️I had a few favorites:

Teddy.. I feel like he was the choreographer he just had mad dance swag! He owned you with his dancing and I love hot Asian infused men (I have one at home.)

Matt.. I think you have to like him.. it’s part of the ticket price 🤣 He is EVERYTHING! I don’t want to give away details of the show but this man made me understand the beauty of male exotic dancers and motorcycles… male exotic dancers.. naked on motorcycles might be my new favorite thing in the world. The show was more than I imagined! It was like watching “world of dance” live with extremely hot, talented, sculpted men. I touched them all.. and they touched me🤣

The best part was my at the very end I got my photo with Perez!

Perez was so friendly, gracious, he took time to really make me feel like the most special person there. He called me Batmom8503 and everything. It was better than all my dreams. I met my hero. Last night was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I met a legend! I was on stage with a legend! I met a blogging icon! I’ve followed Perez about 13 years. I’ve watched him start out as entertainment blogger to become the celebrity is is now. Perez and his career inspired me to live my dreams and finally start my blog. I’m here because of Perez. I came here to support my friend, as soon as he announced he was headlong I had to get here! I was blessed to be able to actually meet my hero and that’s something I’ll remember as long as I live. I lived the night of my life. I followed my dream and it lead me to Perez Hilton.. and Shar Jackson. I asked her for a photo after and she was so nice and said “yes, no problem!” Her friends snapped the photo she was just so nice! I met the two niecest celebrities.

I’m never going to forget last night.

I’m packing up and heading home now. I have the biggest smile on my face and my heart is just so full. I’m grateful to Perez for making last night truly remarkable. He didn’t have to do all he did but I’m glad he did it truly shows how much he cares for his fans. I met another Perez fan Robyn! we bonded when a dancer did a guitar solo.. Robyn yelled “YEAAHHH FREEEEBIRDDD” and I almost spit my drink across the room🤣🤣🤣 she bought me a mimosa and I found her on Instagram and I’m pretty sure we’re best friends now because of Perez. I literally had a night to remember. I’m so happy🤗🥂 so blessed and so grateful. This truly has a amazing and I have no words. Just thankful for this opportunity. Leaving Vegas with lots of memories and full heart and desire to work harder because I see where blogging can take me.


  1. This is just totally awesome. I felt all of your excitement in this post. So glad you got to live out one of your dreams! Now I’m sitting here planning my Vegas vacation and trying to figure out which specimen of Chippendale I like the best. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Girrrrrrllll these men. They were amazing it wasn’t all nasty I’ve been to like good exotic dance places this place was classy when they girate 😂😂😂 I loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to go back

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl why am I teary eyed!! Whew, the excitement, the (good) drama, the chance to be a VIP!! I am so happy for you!!!! This must have been surreal and meeting Perez, bet you thought you was in a movie on summmin. Keep pushing and living those dreams Batmom!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I DIEEEDDDDS it was an out of body experience. He’s got soft hands.. like softer than normal people. He’s exactly like he is online, fun filled with energy it was everything I dreamed and more I cried lol

      Liked by 1 person

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