Batmom goes to SlutWalk 2018

A few weeks ago on my drive to work I was looking for a new podcast to listen to. Typically I listen to podcast geared toward business, social media strategy, blogging etc but on Sometimes I like to listen for entertainment. I had heard that Amber Rose had a Podcast so I searched it in the podcast app and I’m so glad I did. The episode I listened to was titled “Same Side and Body Pride”

In the episode Amber discusses Slut Walk

Since 2015 Amber Rose has been organizing and hosting SlutWalk.SlutWalk is a day long event that addresses slut shaming, toxic masculinity, rape culture and its effects on society. It’s a time for victims of slut shaming and sexual assault to come together and be of support to one another.

We live in a society where it’s completely fine to utter the words “She shouldn’t have worn a dress that short to a funeral, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten fondled”

We live in a society where it’s perfectly fine to hurl insults at women simply because she’s a sex worker or wears a little clothing than society deems acceptable. That’s not ok. I’ve been a victim of slut shaming because I’m not ashamed of my body or the fact that I’m a sexual human being. I make no apologies for who I am, what I like or what I decide to wear. I don’t feel that women need to dress a certain way to be viewed a certain way. I despise the fact that society takes time to tell little girls “Cover your body, you don’t want to get raped” why are we not teaching little boys “no matter what a girl wears, her body is not yours to touch” I feel so strongly about this issue because I’ve always been a very free and open person and I’m the mother of 2 daughters. I have to send my daughters in to this world so it’s my duty to try and make the world a little better for them. I was sexually curious at a young age and dressed provocatively. I was ridiculed and slut shamed tremendously. I was made to feel dirty or less than for normal sexual feelings, and experiences and expressing myself through fashion. I developed at a young age. I had D cup breast at the age of 13. I had the body of a woman at 13 and the face of child. I’ve had more than a few “church hugs” last too long. I’ve had to change clothes because certain preachers were coming over. I’ve had such a messed up views of sex and my own body because of society’s rules that I promised I would teach my daughters to be proud of who they are, to be proud of their bodies, and speak up if someone says something or touches them in anyway that makes them feel uncomfortable. When I found out SlutWalk was happening in October I purchased tickets for me and my whole family.

I wanted my fiancé to come because it’s important for men to understand what slut shaming does to a person. What it does to not only their self esteem but their entire mental health as a whole. It’s more than just calling someone a “hoe” it’s literally placing so much value on a woman’s genitals that you end up objectifying her. Women are more than virginity and clothing. We have these outdated and archaic rules regarding sex and women that are frankly dangerous and we release men from being accountable for their actions when we chastise women for their clothing choices. I reached out to Amber Rose’s slut walk to let them know I’m bring my family and will be blogging front the event.

They responded with this amazing opportunity to cover Amber Rose’s SlutWalk as MEDIA! I will be bringing you all the information as it comes and educating you on the event as it draws near! I’m so excited about this. Many people assume this march is for the right to be a “slut” no.. it’s for the right to be yourself, in whatever article of clothing you want and be safe, he heard and be respected.

I can’t wait for 10/06/2018 check out photos from previous Slutwalks🤗


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