Batmom gets married: Bride meets groomzilla

For the first time in a long time Chris and I sat down to do some wedding planning! We’re getting married in Las Vegas 10/13/2019. Originally we had planned to get married at Circus Circus, however when I we visited the venue at 09/01/18 I just didn’t like the feel of the venue. Chris and I had fun planning the games at circus circus but the feel of the wedding office just isn’t what I’m trying to convey. Chris and I are on a very tight budget of $6000. We realize this is just one day in our lives we don’t need to impress the world.. however we don’t want to look like we only spent $6000.

Stepping into Circus Circus I felt like 12 year old Shayla and Chris would spend $6000 here and be happy. However I want this be a nice day we both want to recall fondly.. I felt like I was a Chuck E. Cheese at little bit when I went. I’m glad we went to see the venue beforehand. However the problem is.. I’ve told everyone and their mama that wedding is in Vegas at Circus Circus I even wrote a blog post about it!😅 I started to change me mind the minute we stepped foot in the casino. The family ate at Caesars palace on the Vegas trip and we loved it!

We had such a great experience I started to hint at Chris that I wanted to change the venue of if our wedding. To Caesar’s Palace he told me “You know the budget so look it up”

For about 2k you get a pretty great package the things that really stuck to me was the complementary stay on your anniversary!

But 2k… I was ready to risk it allll! I thought “we can totally do this if we just don’t have a dumb reception” the look on Chris’s face when I said that was one like I had never seen before.

Chris is my best friend. I knew something was up by the tone in his voice he said ” This is my wedding too and I want a reception. I was married before and the bride completely took over and I ended up basically showing up to something awful and not professionally catered, my family wasn’t involved. My friends didn’t support it and I don’t want that again. This is OUR day, so I know you want Caesars palace and I know that Circus Circus is not the look you want, what about Treasure Island? I took you there after you you had Christy to celebrate our anniversary and the baby and watch the fight. We have a connection there, why don’t you check there.” So I did 🤷🏾‍♀️

Treasure Island actually fit our budget better and we did have manny memories tied to the casino.

Chris and I went to Vegas August 2016 after our baby was born to celebrate that I had a baby, our 1st anniversary and Chris took me to see the Connor Mcgreor fight.I had a good time..

That trip we bonded on another level and I never had so much fun.

As much as I want Caesars palace. I know it’s mainly for aesthetic purposes. I love the way it looks! I look the way it feels but honestly it’s not in the budget and this isn’t just MY wedding. This wedding is celebrate the love Chris and I have.

We have such a unique family and love. I can’t let my wants overshadow Chris’s wants for his wedding day as well. Chris never complains. Chris never says a word when I want to do something outlandish or extravagant. He simple supports me and comforts me. So if Chris wants a reception and that means a venue change that can accommodate our budget.. So be it! This is only one day. It’s a very important day! A day that I can’t wait to share with my friends and family, but it’s just one day. We still have to live after that day 🤷🏾‍♀️ so I want my guest to fell the love of the event and celebrate this moment in my life but I’m not having a wedding for my guest. My guest are their to share in my wedding and celebrate this beautiful Union but I’m not setting out to impress. I want to have fun! I want the guest to look around and just say “wow I’m happy to be apart of this! I’m so glad they got married! I love Chris and Shayla! What are they gonna do next.. where are they partying tonight🙌🏾” that is my goal for my wedding I want to be have fun and celebrate my love! And not be broke after🤣🤣🤣 I think we have decided on venue change. This weekend was so refreshing. I have been married before and it since to have a groom that’s involved. A groom that’s proud and wants to have a reception to show is happiness. I want that for him. I think I’m so happy to finally have my person that I’d honestly marry him tomorrow but I want this be special. We are special… my groomzilla wants a reception well I guess I’ll start researching treasure island and their rates for a reception.. we are 1 year 1 month and 3 days from our wedding.. but hey who’s counting.

Which venue would you choose? Help us out!


  1. Firstly gurrllll you rock that black dress!! I planned, paid for and had my wedding for £2k which is I think $1500. When I got married a million yrs ago (9) I regretted not having more little touches. I think that’s something to really focus on, it doesn’t have to be expensive and I’m happy to give you some of the stuff I did for my best friends wedding. Is it possible to do both? Maybe have the wedding at one venue and the reception at another? They both seem like amazing deals xo


  2. So excited for you both! I had my wedding a year ago. Planning the wedding is so exciting, but it can also get very challenging. Vegas was one of my options. For choosing the hotel package, the budget is really important. I was torn between MGM (Hollywood Glam Style) and Caesars ( Classic & Elegant). I really love the Roman goddess bridal hair & makeup look – so I guess I’ll choose Caesars! Anyway, I ended up marrying in NY Central Park because it’s much closer to us and we were able to save more! It was still unforgettable…… Good luck and hope you’ll both figure out which one is the best venue for your wedding!

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  3. Girl, I know nothing about wedding planning but I loved this post. I love reading about your family and I’m so excited for you all! Also, your wedding date is set for the day the twins were born, that’s so special.

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