Book Review: “How to be a bad bitch” By Amber Rose

20F5FF10-6864-445C-8101-E6D603377730I remember preordering this book in 2015. I was interested in what Amber Rose had to say. I had really only knew her as “Kanye’s girlfriend” and what I had read about her in the media. I was fascinated by the model. Her glamous image and other worldly look drew me into her and frankly made me wonder what she had to say. I read the book in 2015 however I’ve decided to re-read the book since I will be covering SlutWalk as media for my blog. I often reread books when I’m in a different place in life. I’ll be honest when I purchased the book in 2015  it was because the title “How to be a bad bitch” I immediately wanted to hate the book because I felt at the time women like Amber were glamorizing this “Bad Bitch” lifestyle and frankly I wasn’t impressed. I was working my butt off and these women were being idolized for having a butt🤷🏾‍♀️ I originally purchased this book to understand and be a bit of a hater. I wanted to hate this book! However the exact opposite happened. How to be a bad bitch” a modern day girls survival guide through life, from the point of view of Amber Rose7508A18B-D6C0-4D5D-885D-38E6C1D7C8B2

This book is 12 chapters power packed with female empowerment tips. The underlining premise of the entire book is to be yourself, exulde confidence unapologetically, don’t be afraid to try something new and follow your dreams regardless of what those around you say or think.

Amber blends personal photos from from her childhood, to better craft and support her stories. This really gives you a view into Ambers style. It shows you she’s really always been fiercely confident in the way she represents herself. Amber encourages readers to take risk with fashions and to be unafraid of judgement.

The book is filled with several stories one that’s sticks out is the story of her signatures haircut. As you read the book it’s written in way that you feel as if you’re right there listening to Amber give you these intimate details of her upbringings amd how that shaped her for life she has now and the be the woman she is now. In this book you learn Amber is just a beautiful down to earth soul. She has had her mind set on stardom and and making it way before she met Kanye. Amber does talk sex and men. She give poignant relationships advice that I found refreshing honestly. Amber says “Don’t settle for a booty call, unless you want to be one” I love that Amber constantly engrains into the mind of the reader that you have more power and ownership over yourself and your love life thank you think!

Ambers book is read that you won’t want to be put down. It’s literally like talking to girlfriend. I found myself shaking my head and saying “Yess Queen” and feeling empowered to try new things and feel free! I recommend this book for anyone lookin to build their confidence. Look for a fresh start… I honestly recommend this book for anyone looking for a super juicy read and some gorgeous photos of Amber Rose!

This book showed me a side of the model I had never seen before. Amber has ALWAYS been a champion for women and advocate against slut-shaming. Amber goes into detail about situations where she slut shamed women and why that incident affected her deeply.  This book isn’t all flowers and sunshine Amber talks about the nitty gritty how she worked her from walking underground catwalks in Philly to being the woman she is today. This is an entertaining read that all readers will enjoy but specifically young women in need of confidence boost

Click link to purchase book here!

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