Review: Beyond Meat “The beyond burger”

Before I begin I want to say this is not a sponsored post. I have been wanting to try The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat for quite sometime however me being the cheapest person on the planet I couldn’t bring myself to pay $4.99 for 2 patties.. that is until I had the burger at TGIFriday’s one day and was like “oh yeah I gotta get you home with me! to be alone with me!” I decided to stop by Stater Brothers in Menifee Ca to pick up my Beyond burger (click here for “Beyond Meat” locator)

When I got the burger home I was so excited! I had waited along to try the product. I really like the packaging. It looks like an deli patty.

When you unpack the product there are two individual patties.

They look like meat patties! I was so pleasantly surprised by the looks of burger. I was giddy with anticipation! I seasoned my patties with garlic power, salt and pepper on both sides.

I carefully checked the instructions which called for the patty to be cooked on med-high heat for 3 minutes on each side.

It’s not meat and the package stated to be careful not to overcook it so I was I watching it like a hawk! The burger looks just like a burger when cooking and is very reminiscent of meat. I didn’t become a vegan because I hate meat. I’m vegan for the animals and my health. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t miss burgers they were one of my favorite things on the planet and The beyond burger gave me that making a burger feeling back! I really enjoyed crafting this burger.

The moment of truth was the first bite.

The burger bleeds like meat! The company uses beets to bring the “bleeding” affect to fruition. I am a fan! I love the experience of the making the burger! I loved eating the burger. My family enjoyed the burger. My fiancé who is a meat eating heathen🙄 said “it’s better than any of the other burgers you had me try.. this one taste like a real burger. I would eat that.” My toddler tore it up! I almost hate that there is only 2 in pack! They are that delicious!

They are easy to cook! I was afraid they would be kind of hard to cook, sometimes other vegan burger patties cook extremely fast and leave you with a dry burger. Not this time! The Beyond Burger juicy and succulent from the first bite to the last. I definitely recommend this burger to anyone who is vegan or transitioning to veganism. The easiest way to stay vegan are options like this! Finding your favorite comfort foods and cooking them at home for you and your family! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed The Beyond Burger! Have you tried The Beyond Burger let me know I’m the comments below🤗


  1. Love this post. I am not a vegan, but I may try and cut down on meat. I hope they sell Beyond Meat in the Uk! You are a great writer, and you have subtle humour in your writing. You take great pictures as well. The burger looks yummy! 😊🌸 xxx

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  2. Now this looks like a real burger. I may even be able to trick myself into believing it. I’m nowhere near a vegan however when I have beef I’m only allowed no more than 4 ounces. You mentioned beets—which I am an enemy of—is there any hint of those in this delicacy?

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