#lifewithbrooke: Team Cardi or Team Nicki

For the past week Brooklyn and I have been embroiled in conversation that at times have left us a house divided. Brooklyn and I are always following what’s trending on twitter.. and Friday night twitter blew up! Supposedly, allegedly according to Inside Edition Cardi B threw a show at Nicki Minaj during fashion week 2018

(Please note: I let my child talk to me about everything that bothers her I know this isn’t a “deep” topic but it’s deep to Brooke so I let her vent feelings🤷🏾‍♀️)

Brooke is a very forward thinking person and follows the careers of both women very closely. When the incident occurred Brooke was notified through Twitter and came running and explained what happened. I could tell this was something that interested, bothered her and left her torn because she talked about the subject for days. We were driving in the car Listening to the Perez Hilton podcast

Perez Began to discuss the “Brawl” (there was no brawl.. a shoe was thrown🙄) and Brooke looks at me and says:

Brooke: Mom society caused this fight! Why can’t there be just be two talented female rappers? We have a million male rappers, with the same look and sound apparently that’s fine but when there’s two females we have to pit them against each other. I like them both. I think Cardi B had a great come up story but this imaginary feud makes her look childish. I’m Team Nicki. That’s not the way to behave.

(Of course I love to play devils advocate with Brooke and pick her brain I’m always fascinated by her view on current events.)

Me: I can understand why Cardi B did what she did. I’ve been 24 when you’re 24 you actually have a chip on your shoulder, mix that with being a reality star and just giving birth.. hormones alone will make you throw a shoe!

Brooke: Yeah but your station in life should stop you from throwing a shoe at another woman.

Me: True but you can be so blinded by anger that you don’t fully think about the ramifications of your actions.

Brooke: I “stan” Nicki ( I just learned recently what a Stan was.. it’s like the song “Stan” from Eminem.. the obsessed fan.. kids these days say they “Stan” someone like we was all tigerbeat and pasting stars on the walls.. they stalk their favorite celebrities every move on social media.. Brooke understand these women aren’t “role” models in the traditional sense however she likes the music🤷🏾‍♀️) Nicki has been in the business for years and knows what she has to lose and acted accordingly. You don’t take off your shoes and throw them.. like you’re from the Bronx zoo! These women could have teamed up! Then I heard the tweet that got Cardi mad was photoshopped.. so she got beat down over a lie! She got lumped up in public over a lie!

Me: You know it’s all fake like wrestling right? This is all a publicity stunt my dear. Nicki has been baiting Cardi online, picking fights with other rappers, roasting them on her podcast. Nicki is in a stage in her career and life at the age of 36 where sadly women in their 20’s irritate you for no reason.. it sounds dumb but I’ve done it.. hated on women for no reason other than their younger. It’s awful but every woman does it and it’s her time to do it and she picked a younger woman that throws shoes.. that’s her mistake! Cardi is doing exactly what the public expects of her character she’s crafted. She’s acting a scene from “Love and Hip Hop” it’s all fake kid.

Brooke: Mama I think you’re right because right after the shoe thing. Nicki released a video.. “Barbie Dreams”

Me: Yep that’s how they keep us entertained. Throw a shoe triple your exposure. It’s a show and we just watch.. I want you to know that’s not how you behave if you’re professional. People are going to talk about you, they will talk about me, say awful things about your persona life to get a reaction.. You can’t fight everyone and you can lose your freedom. Nicki and Cardi have money to be bailed out. People like you and me have to sell our houses for bail and spend time in jail. It’s not worth it.

Brooke: I already know that mom, plus I can’t fight soooo 🤷🏾‍♀️ meh! They’re kinda like middle schoolers, I’ve seen girls fight at lunch over tweets and Instagram.. it’s rough in these middle school streets..Team Nicki Chun Li is life!

Me: 🙄 Bye Brooke!🤣🤣🤣


  1. Oinka is a goddess, she is probably the best female rap artist of all time (I don’t rate Lil Kim at all).

    Your little Brooke is such an intelligent, gorgeous wee soul. She is 100% right about society causing this. There was no “beef” as they’d dealt with it at the Met Ball, yet media outlets continued to stir the pot.

    It doesn’t set a good example for other young women, who may not be as intelligent as Brooke. Xx


    • That’s my whole world right there ❤️ she’s just amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens in her life but I’m so shocked with how fast time moves.. my little baby is taller than me at 12 and has this mind that’s just wild and beautiful I can’t wait to see what happens when she really leaves her mark on the world.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the conversation you had with your daughter. She sounds like she has a lot of wisdom, hopefully she will be able to keep this attitude as she grows up and I am sure she will go far!
    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo


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