#lifewithbrooke: Brooke Watched “The Craft”

A few weeks ago I woke in the night and saw Brooke huddled under a blanket watching “The Craft” all I could do was giggle because I think every middle school girl goes through a phase where they watch “The Craft” and suddenly they are ready to summon a unicorn out of thin air!

I wanted to be Rachel True “Rochelle”.. Brooke probably has an emotional connection to Rachel True because when Brooke was like 2 we didn’t have cable and I watched “Half Baked” EVERYDAY.. it was the most the colorful movie I owned and all the parenting magazines said kids needed movies with colorful stimulation.. Thanks Dave Chappelle!

Moving on, Brooke is the kind of person if she sees a movie.. she has to completely embody it. So she’s been really drawn to and inspired by gothic and emo looks. I was a little emo back in the day Brooke’s been snooping around old photos and asking when she can have piercings etc :Brooke said to me casually on Friday night “Mom in your 20’s you were like aesthetic goals! You had tattoos and piercings and looked all emo!”

I quickly reminded her “Umm you hated when I looked like that you said I looked like a fish on a hook and you would cry when I would take you to daycare!” She says ” I was a buster!” I said “yeah.. you were I’m glad we can look back on the past and agree.. you were an uptight toddler! dude it was like raising the most PC human ever!” I continued to notice more.. Brooke wanted to go to “Lady of the Lake”“Lady of the Lake” is local alternative store with all the crystals, incense and oils. I’m a Reiki practitioner so I used to frequent this store often However, when Brooke was young.. she thought I was like a voodoo priest or something and she was NOT a fan of it.. but after watching “The Craft” suddenly I’m the coolest mom on the planet..

I’m fine with that it’s opened up some really cool dialogue between the two of us and we’ve bonded soo I’ll take it! 🤷🏾‍♀️ anyways we are driving and discussing the wild day we had been having:

Me: Girl we been having all kinds of crazy since you saged the house.

Brooke: well all I had was a sage scented incent so that may have something to do with it:

Me: Yeah baby… umm let’s get some real sage..I don’t think you’re gonna clear much energy with a inncent😂

So we went to Lady of Lake and picked up some sage.

This morning I woke up and heard a lot of Enya and smelled sooo much lavender and other scents.. I walk in to find this:

I think this is going to be an entertaining phase..

I let Brooke express her creativity and express these phases. I wasn’t allowed to even explore this side because my family is very religious. I am too but I don’t think it bothers anything for her to explore what she likes.. she’s in a phase and expressing herself, she’s at that age in middle school where you’re trying to find yourself as person.

This week she’s in “The Craft” next week who knows.. all I know is I love watching Brooke discover who she is. Life with Brooke is truly unique.

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