Diary of a Colonoscopy: Mental prep for the prep kit.

Sooooo I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to publicly state yeahhh I’ve got problems… Butt PROBLEMS. I’ve been suffering with some major G.I issues.. I can’t eat many things without extreme pain, vomiting or blood.. from EVERYWHERE It’s been an intense few months. We don’t know if it’s crohn’s or IBS or both they are thinking it’s anxiety that triggers these crazy episodes of extreme heartburn, diarrhea, vomiting (ALLL at the same time) I don’t know when these attacks happen it’s been like every week one occurs and my family is supportive, I have routine of like 10 tums crushed, apple cider vinegar, ginger.. after 2 hours of pain that feels like child birth through my butt and esophagus. I’ve been living like that😅 I started losing weight and had to get checked and they put me on special diet “Fodmap” diet..

It’s a pretty strict diet.. also with me being vegan it’s even more strict. I slipped and ate a single cheddar FLAVORED chip and it gave myself a weird flare up. It’s been miserable. Next week I’m schedule to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy to see where all this blood is coming from.. I’m not like crazy anemic.. just moderate and I only spew blood when during extreme panic attacks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just say there’s a dragon in my belly and I have to keep it happy. Well that’s easier said than done. Anyways.. I’m scared shitless… pun intended!

First off.. I don’t drink 16oz of fluid in a day unless it’s a mimosa.. They expect me to chug this! HOW GOD! SHOW ME HOW! Who is out here drinking this! Who did this with ease? Can I add something to it? What the whole hell! You me to tell me they have 900 versions of the iPhone but there’s not way to have a colonoscopy without drinking this abomination! I’m a good person! I pay my taxes! Why is this happening to me🤣🤣🤣 No for real… there has to be another way I can’t hold this much liquid! I have never held this much liquid.. I’m not feet five and I’m over 3 feet of leg.. so I have no torso.. maybe that’s the problem.. 🤔 (I would google it but I’m not about to stress myself with a google diagnosis today I don’t have the time!)

After I drink this big ol’ bottle of liquid then I have to poop and take another poop pill.. with the condition I have I swear I don’t need this😂😂 I don’t I go just fine without this crazy concoction. I’m not too scared of the procedure itself. I’m scared of the PREP! My booty has been through ENOUGH! I’m just so nervous

I’m ready to have this test be over! I can’t even drink real alcohol.. hence the mimosas. I can’t toast at my wedding! I want to be able to have a drink! I want to be able eat and enjoy foods again, I want to be able to not be afraid to get to stressed and like vomit blood in public or get stuck somewhere and the dragon FLARES! Does anyone have IBS or Crohn’s I’d love some feedback, stories… how is a colonoscopy.. will I survive! Ugh I’m so scared that I’m going to be sick after. I don’t do well with anesthesia. I’m little! (4’11ish and like 115lbs) I’m SMALL! so I immediately get sick when you wake me up. So am I going to be vomiting with a sore throat? That blows! This is why nurses makes the worst patients😑


  1. So I’ve had a colonoscopy and the prep was interesting. In college I started to notice that I would have periods of extreme diarrhea and couldn’t figure out why. The night before I started my prep and ignorantly invited my friends to my room to watch Anerica’s Next Top Model (you wanna be on top? Lol). Well after the second cup, I started going to the bathroom. After another cup or so and it was mostly liquid that came out fast and easy but very often. Biggest worry is if you make it to the toilet before it starts! Eventually the drink made me super nauseated (they gave me a pineapple flavor thinking it would decrease the horrible taste….it did not) and once I started shitting and throwing up at the same time (both were now clear), I stopped drinking. I had maybe 3 cups or so left and probably should have finished but I literally couldn’t stomach it any more. Eventually the pooping and vomiting stopped and I was able to get some sleep. The next day I had the scope and slept like a baby on the table! Woke up during and saw the camera moving through my colon and then went right back to sleep. Scope was clean and my issues were attributed to IBS (most likely). Now I just pay attention to the things that mess my stomach up (mostly dairy….ice cream is the worst) and I avoid them. When I’m uber stressed I have flares and I’m still working on managing my stress. You know I work in the ER, so low level stress is not really in my vocabulary but I’m a work in progress!! Just no that everyone experiences the prep differently and you can do it!!!!!!!!

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    • OMG! Girl I needed to read this. This has been my life the last 6 months. I was bout ready to dig a hole and just die! Thank you for sharing with me it really does help!


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