Review: “Nappily Ever After”

Tonight I had curled up in bed and watched “Nappily Ever After” I’m so glad Netflix is showing such diverse movies. It’s refreshing to see the stories of others. I’m a black woman with short natural hair. It’s truly a journey that few understand. The Movie is about Violet Jones, Marketing and Advertising rockstar, with the perfect hair, perfect man, perfect life… one fateful day that all changes.. now she has to own her confidence and strut!

This wasn’t the typical movie “I’m not my hair” movie. You see the character grow, along with her hair, it’s such a beautiful thing. I don’t think we understand the depths to which we tie our beauty to our hair. We associate femininity and sexuality with long, flowing often blonde hair. This film also tackles the way society only sees you as “perfect” if you have straight hair. That “Straight- haired perfection”is something many of us will never achieve even with the creamiest of the creamy crack! It’s silly that this archaic beauty standard still exist. Beauty is not a strand of hair. Beauty is in who you are and what you represent. Beauty is the way the carry yourself in room full of people you don’t belong in. Beauty is how you feel when the day is just going your way.“Nappily Ever After” is based off the book of the same title and I must say after seeing the movie I have to read the books! This character and her story are so relatable to me. I recently went Natural 2 month ago, did the big chop and I’ll be honest at first.. I hated it… I hated it because I didn’t know how to take care of my own hair. I knew how to take care of the weaves I had sewn into my hair since I was 13. I knew how care for the 3A/3B curls that hung carefree, long and “nap” free from my both daughters heads. I knew all of that. However I didn’t know how to care for the 4C dense dark curls that just sat on top of my hair like thick, coarse, wool. Once I learned to nourish and care for my own curls and they popped. I MEAN POPPED!I couldn’t be stopped. It’s like learning to love and find beauty in my own hair was the secret weapon. You don’t realize the emotional bond you have to hair until you cut it off and start over. With the the big chop you grow on a journey with your hair. It’s something you can’t quite put into words but Netflix did a good job🙌🏾 I totally recommend this movie. Gives you a prospective of natural beauty and the natural beauty movement that I don’t think many ever even thought about. Kudos to Netflix for bringing so many stories from so many did different voices. This was definitely Netflix and chill worthy! This movie made me sling my curls and feel beautiful!


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