Me, You and Monday

Happy Monday🤗

I’m trying something new…I’m continuing with the daily blogging! I really love the interaction and honestly it’s a lot of fun.. I have so many post ideas, with daily posting I can just whip them out as they come and BAM! I’ve been wanting to get back to sharing the podcast and audio books that I listen to. During the week I study different podcast, YouTube videos and books in order to better myself as blogger and a person. This morning I listened to the podcast “Just Keep Blogging” By Kim Anderson.

This episode she said “If you’re a tortoise that’s fine just don’t hate the hare.” I think that everyone needs that advice every once in while. In the blogging community you’ll see bloggers grow and different rates and it’s beautiful to cheer on the hares. Also you don’t know the struggles of the hare. There are so many variables to “success” so before you measure and compare listen to this podcast! The podcast itself doesn’t have many episodes, but the episodes there are crucial to new bloggers. Kim Anderson has amazing content and her podcast is just so motivational! She reminds you to “Just keep blogging” keep plugging, keep pushing and you will get there! Sometimes you just need to have that reinforcement and this podcast provides that.

I also listened to Gary Vee! I listen to Gary Vee pretty much daily😅 So much so my family asked me to take a break because they were sick of hearing his voice 🤣 I did a Gary Cleanse but I missed him and his nonsense talk! I need to get kicked in the face with facts and strategy! I needed to be motivated to stop making excuses and make CONTENT!

He a had #mondaymotivation episode and it was everything I needed to hear! “Everyone is focused on the finish line and not the treadmill” he also said “Just try shit, you didn’t know you like hot dogs till you tried them!” And that’s true with anything in life you don’t know if you’re going to like something or be successful at it unless you try! So I’m trying this!

I’m currently reading “Black Privilege” by Charalamagne Tha God

So far I love it! We constantly hear about “White Privilege” Charalmagne is basically advocating for everyone to believe in their own “Privilege” believe in their own hustle despite your circumstances you can be whatever you want. I love that message. I’m only about a a quarter of the way through the book but I plan to be finished by Friday.

Other blog goals:

-Reach out to at least 3 brand for “Blogmas” collaboration ideas.

-follow up with brands I’ve reached out to and heard nothing back from.

-promote and engage on twitter/ instagram 45 minutes daily.

-Follow, read and share 5 blogs a day.

I have some cool post ideas planned

1: vegan Tamale recipe for the holidays

2: raw vegan cheesecake recipe

3: What age can kids trick or treat with their friends?

4: DIY mommy and me unicorn

5: How to hashtag like a ninja on twitter and Instagram

Off the blog and offline:

Brooklyn will be going to her first dance..

I know what I was like at them middle school dances:Brooke is good kid though. I was giving her a hard time saying “you not going to bring extra clothes so you can twerk at the dance”

Brooke: mama I’m in leadership.. I’m supposed to be there working.

Me: You can’t twerk something for leadership! Omg DANCES ARE SOOO FUN!

Brooke:🙄😑 I’m hanging up posters and picking up trash..

Me: Then why it’s $8! Y’all get robbed you paying to clean up! WILD!

I have a crazy G.I appointment at the end of the week I’m not looking forward to, and that’s about it for my week.. what do you have going on in life? On the blog? What’s going on with you? What post do you have planned?


  1. Good for you! Blog what you want, find your voice, have fun!
    I would like to blog more, I mostly need to find TIME!
    Meanwhile I got rich pins enabled on Pinterest today!!! Clearly I rock at this blogging thing 🙂


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