Review: Adore (2013)

Y’all I made a rookie mistake.. I was scrolling Amazon streaming to find something to fall a sleep to and I saw the movie “Adore” it’s has Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.. the plot said “Lines will be blurred” so I’m assuming I’m going to see Naomi Watts and Robin Wright get on dooowwnn and dirty together 🙌🏾😎but Nah… that’s not what happened at all! This movie is juicy! OMG (it’s on amazon prime so it’s free😎) anyways Roz (Robin) and Lil (Naomi) are best childhood best friends. They have sons. The sons are best friends. The sons become grown ass men. One summer they take a family vacation and this happens

It was at this point I was got mad and had to type a review..

They are grown and it’s just a movie I kept watching with and open mind.. but my mind kept saying.. “This is why I don’t have sons because I would be fighting and in jail if one of my friends hooked up with my son.” That didn’t happen in this movie. They all stayed friends, like no one was smashing the others offspring 😅

Maybe because they’re from Australia 🤷🏾‍♀️ I kept watching👀

I kept getting mad🤬 I was angry over my hypothetical son and my hypothetical best friend! NO! BITCH IF YOU SLEEP WITH MY SON YOU GOTTA DIE TONIGHT! We can’t be friends NOTHING! YOU GOTTA DIE!


They was still having brunch and shit… No Sis we have to fight 🤣🤣🤣 the movie gets better and the plot THICKENS! My simple ass can’t get passed “DON’T TOUCH MY SON YOU NASTY HEFFA!” But that’s why I don’t have sons or friends that see me everyday in real life🤷🏾‍♀️ Oh My God! I can’t imagine.. you been best friends your whole life.. then you just..

See No! NOT TODAY! There’s way more to the story than the baby swapping.. 😑that’s what happened.. They’d have to surgically remove my foot from my friend ass if this was me.. but it’s not me.. it’s on Amazon prime and I have to take some deep breathes… that’s how you know it’s a good movie..I’m ready to fly to Robin Wright house and just fight

Like I said.. There’s more to the film that make you keep watching..At first I kept watching to see “what the daddy gon do? Australian’s are wild! Wtf am I watching!” If you have Amazon Prime and you like plot twist and controversy… this film is for you! If you want to trust anyone around your adult son… this film is not for you! They touchin adult sons alll up in this film. This film is very interesting look at relationships, friendships, marriages, and boundaries…there aren’t many in this film. It’s interesting…the end is just😲I need someone else to watch so I can discuss it🤭 I enjoyed the complex themes of the movie. It’s very provocative and does make you think outside your normal realm of thinking of what a relationship is. With all the talk of “Grooming” etc in the media these days this film does show a female prospective of sex and aging and what’s appropriate. That’s not really seen to often on screen so I did enjoy that. Women aren’t free from taboo love affairs or controversy so I did like that aspect of the film. I learned the director is Anne Fontaine and I must say now that I’ve seen this film I’m kinda dying to see what else she’s made. Well I should have went to sleep but I watched this spicy little movie and soooo glad I did!

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