I can come out of the cannabis closet thanks to Kristen Bell

I never thought I’d have the urge to rush home and watch “Frozen” but I want to today! Today I was listening to “The Perez Hilton Podcast”

Perez was expressing his shock over Kristen Bell being so forthcoming about her use of marijuana because she’s a Disney princes, the fact that “Frozen 2” in the works, the fact her partner is sober etc. (Perez then goes on to talk about how her husband wants her to have an ecstasy hair braiding party while he’s the sober referee… it’s interest also Perez is not anti stoner.. it’s legal in California Click here for the rest of that story)

I actually applaud and appreciate Kristen for her honesty and normalizing the use of cannabis. Kristen stated “I like my vape pen quite a bit” while on the podcast “WTF with Mark Maron”

I like my vape pen too. I am a canna-mom.

I was diagnosed with anxiety and other mental illness at the age of 19. I was placed on medication and started therapy that I rarely complied with. The medications weren’t working, the side affects of some of the medications were worst than the illnesses they were treating. I couldn’t function as mom and take the medications. I was gaining weight and didn’t like the way I looked. I was growing more depressed and withdrawn. I had no desire to live my life actively. Some of the meds made me very drowsy.. in fact I kept crashing my car because of ambien not being out of my system and having to drive because I had to function in society. I had bills to pay! I was a single mom.. I still had to live and work. The meds took over my life. I stopped them November 2014.

It was like going through withdrawals. I was vomiting, sweating. I felt like I was hit by a truck! I was shaking. I remember I was five days off meds and cigarettes at the same time. I was shaking so bad and had to go to like some award ceremony My daughter was having. It was awful. I was just praying none of her friends parents wanted to talk to me. Because I was so nauseous. I was distant back then because I was ashamed people could see what I was going through. I was not myself.

With the support of my family, psychiatrist and therapist I decided to stop taking traditional psychiatric meds and decided to work out, journal and see a therapist every 2 weeks (at first it was 2 weeks) I started to feel better. I had used marijuana in the past but not appropriately and I wasn’t educated about the multiple uses and tools. I got my card years ago but I was never open about my use until it became legal in California 2016🙌🏾

For me cannabis helped to give me my life back. I’m calm. I can hold a conversation. I can THINK! I can actually be silent and enjoy my own silence. I learned to quiet my mind. I’m able to sleep with any medication. I barely even take a Tylenol now! I used to be on some of everything but no.. just a plant. I’m 100% organic 🤣 Many people have these misconceptions about marijuana and they think of people that use marijuana as these stereotypical “stoner” types.

When the reality is many “stoners” look like this

I’m a medical professional, I’m a mother of 2, I run a blog, a successful fitness support group, I started a vegan catering company and I really like my vape pen.

I micro-dose. Micro-dosing Marijuana is just as the name implies using small does of marijuana to calm anxiety, stress, etc after a long day it’s the equivalent of a glass of wine 🤷🏾‍♀️

My kids and family understand that weed isn’t a drug. It’s a plant, and for mom they know it’s actually medication! I took about 3 months to study which strains were best for me. I didn’t want to experience “couch lock” 👀

I have a lot going on and I didn’t want to experience what I experienced with traditional pharmaceuticals. Weed gave me my life back.

I’m not out here buying pounds of weed. I typical buy a one gram Sativa Cartridge ( Jack H all the way!! that’s like my morning pick me up) and a little bit of flower typically a hybrid or an indica to for night time.

I don’t hide my use, however I’m not lighting up or vaping every where just out in the open. It’s my medication. It’s not something that I need to openly perform. When I have a moment and I need to medicate. I take that time and do what I need to be ok.

It’s not for everyone but you know what it’s for me. Cannabis helped me tremendously. I was so thankful that Kristen Bell spoke up about her cannabis use because she made it ok! She made it normal. She’s a Disney Princess and she made it ok to medicate. I want society to look at vaping they way they look at women having a glass of wine. There’s no stigma in coming home from work to have a beer or glass of wine, there should be no stigma in a someone coming home to their vape pen, joint or bong.

In the future I hope more states legalize and more people normalize the use of marijuana. Many people will simply always consider those who use marijuana as slackers, stoners, couch potatoes with no ambitions. Trust me you can be stoned and successful. Education is the key when it comes to marijuana and everything else. This poor plant just has a bad reputation. This plant saved my life and I can’t help but sing it’s praises.

For about $40 a week I have peace of mind. At the end of the day all I look forward to is sunset with a mimosa.. my vape and my family running and playing in the front yard..

When I was on typical psych-meds I couldn’t enjoy these things. I was too tired and just winked out to even enjoy my own life. I don’t know how to express how it feels to want to live but not have the desire to move your body because you don’t have the energy to even be happy. I lived like that. I used to wake up and take Brooke to school up the hill about a block and a half and that was the only movement I had. I would get back in bed till I had to get her again. Then go to my job from 3-9pm… that was my life. That was it. Pills, sleep and work. No joy… it was awful. I’m saying for people to throw out their meds and take up a vape. No. I’m saying the pills weren’t the right choice for me. Intense therapy, love from myself, my family, writing, prayer, working out.. and weed that’s what helped me. Some people need medication and that’s fine. As long as you’re doing what is right for your mental health, that’s all that matters! It feels good to be out the closet.. again 😂😂


  1. I am a single mom of soon to be 2 and although I use recreationally, I’ve read so many studies and seen the results of weed as a epilepsy treatment for children and I ABSOLUTELY think it should be made legal!!! Beautiful share!

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  2. Yes! I love this. The public education system had me believing that marijuana was a totally awful drug. It took a long time for me to realize that responsible use is actually very, very helpful! It’s not at all on the same level that it was presented to me as. It took a very long time me to unlearn this, but once I realized that people very close to me use marijuana to help them function in their daily lives, my perception quickly changed. Do you!

    Alex| californiapollution.com

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  3. I agree that cannabis use should be more normalized. It personally doesn’t work for me, but I know many people that it does help a lot. Like you said, if a glass of wine is ok, this should be too!

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