My life as a blogger: My worst month

September was the worst month I had in terms of views since I started blogging.

I barely squeaked passed 2k views and that’s because I hustled the last 2 weeks like a crazy person to drive some traffic to my blog. This was my worst month as blogger by far. I know exactly what happened. I go over insights on Sunday with Chris and we looked at the months prior and looked at what works:

In August my audience really responded to social media growth tips and tricks, blogging tips, my obsessions list and motherhood. I’m going to stick to those topics. This month I wrote a new blog post every day.. that didn’t work out as well as I would have liked it too. I barely got passed 60 and 70 views a post. I wasn’t fairing much better on instagram either.

All across the board this month my stats are taking a dive. I know it’s because I had that third job. I drove thousand of views to another site other than my own and my own views suffered. I expected a little something but I lost almost 3k views than I normally have because I wasn’t networking and I wasn’t providing what my audience really enjoys. I’m blessed that my audience will read whatever content I provide.. but I feel like it’s not what they want and it’s beneficial. So I’m starting over and I’m going back to works.

2-3 post a week

I’m going to back to posting 2-3 post a week. I’ll be able to promote and engage in follow trains easier with only 2-3 post a week. The more time I have to engage and network the better. It makes no sense to type all these post never properly promote them to get views.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

I have to get back into Facebook groups and be active. Truth is that’s where the numbers are and that where the readership is! I was getting great numbers when I was active in Facebook blogging and social media groups. Those groups are amazing places to meet people and promote if you need a view or two.

Engage with others:

I didn’t get to engage nearly as much as I want to. I was too busy creating. I would engage haphazardly and not to the fullest so I need to change that and really be more responsive. I started engaging more at the end of the month and it really shows in the numbers.

Focus on my instagram:

I had a day where my feed looked amazing! I want to focus on curating my feed. I like to blend quotes with photos I take myself. I really have a love of photography and I need to show that more on Instagram and in my blog. I honestly think I lost my passion for a bit in September that job had me overwhelmed.

I can’t say all of September was bad. I wasn’t killing It blog wise but I was making money through the services my blog provides. I coach people on how to launch their business on social media. I run a couple social media account and I’ve been giving advice to new bloggers and I’ve been making a nice income from it, so I can’t complain too much about September.

October goals:

This month I’m looking to

1: increase views to the blog.

I have to stay on twitter, get into some more blogger trains etc, maybe learn Pinterest, buy some Facebook ads.. I gotta get those numbers up.

2. Stay consistent

I can write a post a day.. but I need to stay consistent with my other social media as well.

3. Pitch my blog to brands

I’ve been slacking! The only to get work.. is to go out there and find some! So I’m going back to pitching, sliding in DM’s to collaborate.

I believe I got complacent and just like having a weird pitty party for myself. Number show it. I just have to do better. I really didn’t like the numbers I had this month. I feel like I wrote some of my best material this month but I didn’t promote it well 🤷🏾‍♀️ you live and you learn. Every month isn’t going to knock it out the park but when it doesn’t I like to find out why and just do better. No excuses just do better. So expect better content snd just a better blogger from me🤗

What are your goals? How did September treat you?


  1. Hi Shayla, this is a great post. As a new blogger I am looking for hints and tips all of the time and it’s great that you’ve created this post to share things from your perspective. Your blog is amazing, so much valuable content. Keep up the excellent work -it was a pleasure to visit (and I am now a follower) x


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