Hashtags and Retweets 101

I’ve been getting messages about hashtags and retweets and how to use them

I figured I would take some time to talk them through. Hashtag and Retweets are wonderful ways to bring exposure to you blog. Hashtags are used pretty much on every social media platform but in this post we will be focusing on Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags are used on both Instagram and twitter. Retweets or ( RT) are on used on twitter.

Let’s start with hashtags and then I’ll give you a list of the BEST RT accounts on twitter and how to get them to work for you. Let’s get started!


Hashtags are soooo awesome! You see Instagram doesn’t have a traditional search engine. Instagram is run by hashtags. The explore page is driven by hashtags. The most popular photos in each hashtag are showcased. I searched the hashtag “momlife”

there are 30 million people using the hashtag “momlife” that means it’s a very popular hashtag. Thats great! When I’m using hashtags I like to use some very popular hashtags and also hashtags that only have 100k uses.. the lower the number of uses the more chances you have at being in the top 9. You don’t want to the number to be too low however because that means the hashtag isn’t being used or seen that so it’s best to uses hashtags with 60k and up.

I found list of 500 hashtags for bloggers that list is like GOLD! Every Instagram post has a different target audience, so your hashtags will reflect that for example a natural Hair with my toddler will use hashtags targeting Instagram users that have natural hair and toddlers so I used words like “natural hairstyle” “toddler life” hashtag are your chance to really pinpoint who you are talking to. A lot of people think it’s time to be cutesy or trendy but if your trying to bring a certain follower, or reader etc envision that and find 30 words around it. Instagram gives you 30 hashtags.. you don’t have to use them all. I use about 20-25 per post. (Also place is a matter of preference.. I like mine with the caption.. some like it in the comments🤷🏾‍♀️ they both get likes.)

(Growth tip: when you’re networking do what’s called “Hashtag surfing.. search a hashtag.. find a photo.. jump in the comments and make an organic connection. The comment below is from a photo I posted using the hashtag #mycreativebiz comments are engagement! Engagement growth is a a good thing🙌🏾)

I like to think of hashtags as little nets to catch new followers.. use them wisely! You must use them! Each hashtag is an opportunity for growth, exposure a new follower, new opportunity.

I don’t use the same hashtags every time. I tend to switch them up every week or two and study which ones work for me.

I use business hashtags for business post.

For post about blogging I use descriptive words about the post I’m writing about. I do notice if I use the wrong tags I don’t get as many likes. I don’t get a huge number of likes I get round 70-100 per post however prior to using hashtags I was getting 16.. MAYBE! They do work. It’s fun to experiment and see which ones are going to make your post POP! It’s fun to get creative.

Let’s talk retweet accounts

Retweet accounts

Retweet accounts are FABULOUS! They are accounts on twitter that Retweet your post if you tag that them. (You have to be following the page😅) retweet accounts are PEOPLE who take time to run accounts and support bloggers and their work. When your post is retweeted it’s circulated around to a broader audience and increases the chances of your post getting views. It’s wonderful! Here are some of the retweets accounts I follow and use daily.

The Clique use the tag #TheClqRT for this account to retweet your work. They are one of the best most responsive.

Little Blog RT is run by some of my absolute favorite bloggers and I just love them! Follow them and use #LittleblogRT

Influencer RT another great one! Use the tag #influencerRT for a retweet 🙌🏾 also they have some great chats!

Blog Love is super supportive to bloggers! I see them retweeting without even using the hashtag! They’re just an amazing community. Use the #bloglove2018 for RT

Blogger Babes is a wonderful account. Not only do they retweet but they have these great engaging tweets that just keep you thinking and inspired about blogging. Use #BloggerBabesRT for a retweet but make sure you’re following the account.

USBlogger RT is an amazing account that I love tagging and interacting mention@USBloggerRT for a RT.

Finally The Blogging Tribe I Love Love love them

Please understand that RT accounts are people and they may not get to post right away… DON’T HARASS THEM PEOPLE! They will get and your post. Be patient

Hashtags and retweets are wonderful parts of social media strategy and essential for bloggers to get exposure. Try out these tips and let me know what you think and if they work!


  1. This was so helpful babe! Loved this post and I learned quite a bit, too. Hope you are resting up and still rocking that gown. Sending lots of love xoxo

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