Brett Kava-Nah..

If I hear one more person say “If that’s sexual assault then I’ve committed sexual assault.. “if you put your hands over someone’s mouth and tried to force yourself on them.. that’s yes, you have sexual assaulted someone.

When statements and jokes are made at the expense of victims it’s makes it that much harder for the next victim to come forward.

I’ve heard people say “well it happened 36 years ago why does it matter.”

Think of sexual assault like regular assault. If someone punched you in the face 36 years ago. You might not have the physical scar to parade around as evidence of a crime but you know for sure that someone punched you in the face. Even if no one saw.. you know someone ball their fist and sock you in the face. It doesn’t matter if it happened 36 years ago or 36 minutes ago. If someone punches you in the face you never forget… same thing with sexual assault. Time passes but you never forget who violated your body.

When we say “that happened so long ago, move on” we are teaching little girls to be silent when boy like Brett do things to them. We should listen. We shouldn’t pass judgment. It’s baffling to me that when a woman says she’s sexually assaulted immediately her story is questioned. Immediately she is silenced.

This is dangerous. This is dangerous to young women growing up seeing play out in the media. We keep saying “it’s an awful time to be a man” yeah if you’re rapey one it is! It’s really not that hard to be a man. Men are freaking out because we’re asking them to ask permission before touching women in a sexual manner… I don’t see why all the outrage.

Don’t touch a woman’s body without permission it’s wrong and illegal.. thats the only new rule added to being a man and the world goes crazy!

It is not normal for a man and his friend to hold you down, put their hand over your mouth and try to force themselves on you, while laughing. We have to stop pretending this is just something boys do.. No this is something rapist do.

This case has struck a chord with me because I keep seeing tweeting “suck it up snowflakes” let me get this straight? People are snowflakes if they want to listen and be empathetic to survivors of sexual assault? People are snowflakes because they want people in power that don’t have sexual assault allegations all up and down their life history?

“They’re ruining this man’s life bringing up the past.” How do you think it feels to relive what happened you and have half of the country tell you “what happened to you isn’t a crime, since you did not speak up right away.” It’s hard for victims to come forward because of SHAME! because of GUILT! When you’re that young and have no real concept of sex, you’re embarrassed for boys laughing at you and you’re at a high school party.. How you do come forward? You can’t you’re paralyzed by the fear of what everyone is going to think of you.

It’s not easy to talk about sexual assault. It’s not easy to relive your pain. After it’s done you try your best to forget it. You try your best to hold on to sense any of normalcy left inside your violated body. Sometimes the only normalcy is pretending it never happened.

Did anyone ever stop to think maybe Dr Ford came forward because she knew the guy was a sleaze and didn’t want a sleazeball guy to have a position of power until HE DIES! That’s real. She’s a hero! It takes a lot to come forward and say “Hey take a second look at that man’s character.”

It’s turned into a battle of the sexes! Men scared and spewing ridiculous lines ” I’m scared for my son” why? If you teach your son not to touch women’s body without permission you won’t have a problem.

I have two daughters.. I’m scared for them. God forbid if something was to happen to my daughters society is teaching them “Keep quite if he has a career. That career is more important the violation of you body, sex organs and mind.”

You’re telling all women what happened to us is in the past and doesn’t matter.. this man needs a job.

Brett Kavan-Nah is rich white man in America.. he’s going to be fine. If he gets confirmed or not (he is going to be confirmed sad but true.. I can already see where this is going.) Men like Brett run this country. Women like me are going to keep speaking up about this.

There’s not a statue of limitations on speaking out. We are breeding an environment where victims will not feel safe to come forward. We are breeding an environment more protective of rapist than victims.

This is bigger than Brett! Fuck Brett! He’s clearly unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice. The man is emotionally unstable and partisan as fuck.. and he’s a little rapey🤷🏾‍♀️ Stevie Wonder can see this man is unfit for the job!

I’m worried about what this teaches future generations of women. Will this teach us to be silent against men in power because we have no say? Are we just beautiful faces and bodies to fondle and expose ones self to? We need to look at the way we handle sexual assault allegations. We victim shame first. “He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would do that”

Why because he has a veneers, a suit and a nice haircut? Because he went to all the right schools and smiles on que??!

Why does the fight for a man’s career and reputation bring all the boys to the yard but when a woman wants her story heard it’s “why did you wait so late to come forward.”

Maybe because “he didn’t seem like that type of guy.”

Stop victim shaming it’s gross!

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