Guess who’s back, back again.. Shayla’s back.. tell a friend

It’s been about a week since I’ve written a blog post. After my friend Madeline passed away I became overwhelmed with blogging and social media. I just really didn’t see point.

Madeline was one of the first people to read my blogs and support me and I just missed her presence in my life, on my timeline and on my blog.

I felt like I was putting all this time into my blog and missing out on precious time with loved ones. I was so torn. I love this blog. It does cause a lot of problems though. My family often times doesn’t understand the time that goes into writing a post, promoting the post on social etc not to mention I’m trying to blog to stop working.

This blog is not only my creative outlet, I’m trying to make blogging and content creation my career. When you’re in the infancy of your career there’s more work than there is pay. Once the pay comes people tend to leave you alone to your creative pursuits.. until then.. your creative pursuits don’t make sense to anyone but you. That’s where I was at. I was mentally battling and just overwhelmed.

In losing Madeline I learned how precious time. Not that I wasn’t aware before. I just never had such a tragic reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised. At one point I almost quit blogging but a friend reached out and told me

“Make a schedule and stick to it. Only dedicate a certain time to blogging and that’s it.”

While I was off I took the time to really look at my time and how I was spending it. Time is precious and I want to be able to balance family life, work life and my blogging so I created this schedule:

I know it seems crazy to wake up at 0400 in the morning to blog but that’s the only time I have. When I first started blogging that’s what I did in the beginning and I loved it!

I needed some structure! Seeing this schedule in front of me motivated me again. I started to jot down ideas for post. I spent a lot of last week really just focusing on my website adding social media links, editing links adding, backlinks.

I took the time to update my media kit

I reached out to brands. I took time to do all the things I really had been neglecting. There’s actually a lot more to blogging than just writing. Once you run a blog there’s a lot that goes in to keeping those views coming and keeping that blog running.

I started to participate in Facebook groups again. That really brings me joy! I got a couple comments Friday that brought me to tears.

The first comment made me so happy! When I first started blogging I wanted to be able to quit my job and work from home as a blogger. I soon found out that journey was going to be a lot harder than I had been lead to believe. I keep the journey real in my blog My life as a blogger: 3 month update I didn’t start making any money from blogging until the 3 month mark from a sponsored post about underwear.

I learned from doing. I document what I learn and that has been getting people jobs!

The second comment.. got me in my feelings at first. I wrote a post on Instagram growth. I used a method that was bringing me 100-150 followers every few days. The method was “The Gary Vee $1.80 method” basically you find the top 9 post in your niche, you actively consume the content. Engage with the post. Comment, like, share.. you become an active and positive member of your community and the numbers show.

Someone had gotten to 10k using my methods.. BEFORE ME😩😱 I was sad and jealous for like 20 minutes I’m not kidding 🤣 then it hit me.

I can’t be mad or jealous about time and effort I’m not putting in.

I haven’t been on Instagram like I need to be because I was so busy focusing on my Twitter growth. I was focusing on 90 other things but I can’t grow my instagram if I’m not there.

I stopped throwing a pity party and I started posting and engaging again. I kid you not as soon as I spent a good hour just commenting and being active in the #momblog hashtag my numbers went up🙌🏾 (and then back down.. it’s Instagram 🤷🏾‍♀️)

Friday’s inbox was amazing

Another blogger messaged me. She read my post in the same group as the others and wanted some tips. She sent me her link and I looked over her blog with an honest eye and let her know why the brands weren’t working with her.

I LOVED IT! That’s what I want to be doing helping bloggers land those deals. Showing them the steps they need to take make real money. Not just regurgitate what all the others say. I want to really help people.

I needed to step away from writing and really look around at my blog and tighten up things.

I learned it’s time for me to invest in a Laptop, camera and upgrade my phone. I’m no longer in a stage where I can just wing it with my phone.

I mean clearly at the moment I have to but I’m saving every penny I earn blog consulting and managing social media to get that Canon T6 Rebel and laptop. I have to invest in my career. This isn’t a hobby. This is my career. I’ve invested the time. It’s to invest the money in equipment and take this seriously.

Not that I wasn’t before, it’s just I was naive to the fact I need good equipment.

It takes me so long to make post because of all the edits. I use my iPhone 6 and a ton of apps to get assume photos:

This is Thanks to great edits but check out the before:

If I had a real camera I wouldn’t have to spend 20 minutes tweaking the like and clarity of a photo.. it would just be done.

Ugh I been stalking the camera online I want it so bad!

It’s just time to level up.

I’m so glad to be back. This week I have some great post:

“5 Christmas shopping tips for families on a budget”

And I’ll be sharing my fitness Journey

(It’s a good journey there’s drugs, anorexia and kick ass group of over 5k’s worth he read☺️🤓)

Sorry for the long rambling post.. I haven’t talked to you all in a while I missed you!

I hope whoever reads this far has a blessed week! Light and love to you and all you do.


    • Well I plan to have blogging be my way of life in about 5 years I can see it.. if I put the time in. I know the way. Thank you for reading I really appreciate it.

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      • I understand. I feel the same way. Trying to build my brand and make this a career. Lucky for you, you already know the way. You will get there. I hope to see you at the top one day. Good luck


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’m glad you had your time away so you could come back and create some more amazing content. I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for only this long, you’ve done amazingly well! Definitely an inspiration, as I’ve only been blogging for a month and a half now! Lots of love. xxx


  2. I love this! I can honestly say, you’re an inspiration. I’ve been wanting to build my blog and make it a career for the longest time. I got rid of my old one that I had a loyal following with and just totally went in a different direct when some things started happening in my life. I missed it so much though and now I want to go all in! Thanks so much for sharing!


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