The only product that makes my 4c curls pop

I’ve been so in love with my 4c curls lately!

They are moist, separated, defined, bouncy, luscious

This definition is all from a product that I found on by accident! About a year ago I was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory, I saw they had a handful of natural hair care products that were decently priced. I believe the first time I picked up the product I found it for clearance. I honestly thought it was only going to work for my baby so I paid no attention to it. One day I ran out of gel for my edges and put the product on a piece of my hair and the definition surprised me!

I was hooked! Traveled to every store in Murrieta and Temecula scouring the natural hair care isle for “Twisted Sista’s Amazing dream curls gel”

The gel can be found on Amazon for $13.48. Honestly the product last a very long time. You don’t need much of the product and your style last roughly two days. I just refresh my curls with a spray bottle in the morning and they hard held, shiny and defined the rest of the day. The product is truly amazing!

I never thought I would have curls! Honestly it’s hard to find the right product for 4c hair. I love the look of the perfect ringlets but I assumed that was something I would just never obtain. I was so wrong! I get so many complainants for my natural curls since I started using the Amazing Dream Curls Gel It really is amazing. I truly recommend this product. It works on all hair types!

It gives a long lasting flexible hold. I really can’t say enough good things about this product. Prior to using this product the only product I used was my own homemade natural hair care products for myself and the girls. This product has made it into our lineup of hair care products permanently!

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