How to make money blogging

It took me 7 months but I finally figured out how to make an income from my blog directly. Now when I say make an income. I don’t mean you’re about to be balling out of control tomorrow. Quit your 9-5 NO! I mean an extra $50 to a few hundred.. if done right it can lead to thousands. I finally made money using amazon affiliate links in conjunction with Facebook ads!

Let’s start from the top. I signed up with The amazon affiliate program it’s FREE! You sign up, link your blog and away you go. You pick an item that you are already using, search it in amazon, amazon will give you a link to the product. You write a post about the product. If someone buys the product clicking the link in your post you get 10% of the sales commission.

I had an idea Monday because people were stopping me in the street and asking what do I use in my hair. I went on to amazon affiliates and found out my hair product was $13.48. I would only make 1.34 per sale but I wanted to experiment and make a post, and boost the post with Facebook ads on my blogs Facebook business page. I wrote the post about the hair products and added the link to my post using this Video I found on YouTube I then posted the completed post on my Facebook business page. I boosted the post with Facebook ads. Using Facebook ads properly and picking my target audience I generated sales!

I had a budget of $10. I just wanted to experiment.

I targeted women in different countries and used search terms related to the product I had written about. The more you target your audience the better chance you have of your post being seen and people buying the products you’re selling.

I love Facebook ads! As soon as I saw that I had some clicks I checked amazon and I finally saw the clicks there as well! I was so happy! It was just a dollar at first but I was so happy to just make ONE DOLLAR with my blog.

It felt good! My audience had a need (They needed to know what I was using on my hair) I was the link between them and an awesome product I’m already using! I also made a little money so it’s a win-win! It took me 7 months to really understand the concept of affiliate links and how I could make that work for me and my blog. In my post The Truth about affiliate links I dive into affiliate links and how they work. I felt you needed a larger audience in order for affiliate links to really make a difference. To a degree that’s true… the bigger the audience the more chances for sales.

Facebook has over 3 or 4 billion users, you just have to have to be a ninja with Facebook advertising. You don’t have to break the bank. I ran the ad Monday with $5 or $10 (I gave myself a budget of $25 total to place behind post I had previously written that didn’t get many views) I wanted to use the ads to bring traffic to my blog but it bought money instead🙌🏾🥂

I was so happy I had to celebrate

I also had to share an honest way to make a buck with your blog. Look making money with your blog isn’t easy. I make my money as a full time blogger by providing services for other bloggers, (I make media kits for $7) I run a boutique social media marketing agency and I’m a blog consultant. I figured it would be years before I was make making money from blog post and affiliate links but that’s not the case! I was also afraid I was going to have to be spamtastic and sharing the same post a million times to make money… NOPE! Just use Facebook ads🤷🏾‍♀️ Facebook will spam people in other countries for you… It’s a beautiful thing really🤓

So in theory if you have more money to run Facebook ads you can make more money with the affiliate links you use in your post. Also if you use products that have a higher dollar amount obviously you make more money. I was just seeing if I could generate a sale so I picked a product I really use every day. I picked a product I could talk passionately about and move my audience to buy. It worked! If you’re a good writer, you can edit some photos you can make some extra with your blog🙌🏾

Let me know if you try this and what your results are! I’m so thrilled and excited when people tell me they get results from my methods!

I just want to help other bloggers and show them it doesn’t take a million followers or a million dollars in classes to make money as blogger. It does take hard work and thinking outside of the box but it can be done. It took 7 months to make affiliate links work for me. Now that I understand the process I’m dying to try it again with another product. Anyways I hope you found this article helpful.. I have to go get ready for day job😅 one day I’ll check amazon and my earnings and I won’t have to go work no more🙌🏾 until then.. my alarm goes off at 0500.. it’s 0436.. you all have a great day! Good luck with your blogging journey, light and love to you.


  1. Good post. It makes me think of strategic ways to bring in some income with my blog. I hate ads so it helps me think of another way too consider using. Good post.

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    • YAYYYYYY THIS COMMENT MADE MY DAY! I’m the exact same way and I don’t want to be all sales lady like so this worked! My fiancé was like even if you only make $1 a day from that it’s $365 a year and I was like yassssss!🙌🏾🥂 so there’s ways to get create and make some change

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  2. Hey there! 😀

    Do you believe you can push traffic from your IG too? I do not have a Facebook page for my blog. I have been focusing on my IG, for multiple reasons. The biggest being my wellness journey.

    My thoughts:

    Buy ads on IG to push traffic to the blog, to your IE: “my favorite things page”

    Your thoughts?

    Also, is signing up for affiliate marketing with amazon for your blog different than requirements for signing up to connect to your IG to amazon.

    I signed up for amazon affiliate with my IG a few months back and they denied me. 😦

    Love, peace and happiness 💕

    Alexandrea “Swiss”

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    • I’ve done ads on ig but Facebook is more targeted and it’s just given better results in my opinion IG only gives like 14 clicks or so I get a lot more traffic from Facebook because I can put money behind links and post and I’m unable to do that with ig

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  3. Girl I just had to come here and thank you. I signed up for the affiliate links program yesterday and managed to get 10 ppl to order from my link. That is the first bit of money I made from my blog thus far! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks 💙

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