Journey to the bottom of the bottle: Twisted Sista natural hair care

I am so excited about this collaboration I cannot type fast enough! I reached out to Twisted Sista because I truly love their products. I’ve natural for two years. The journey hasn’t always been easy. When I first went natural I was afraid because all the products being advertised were so expensive and the products weren’t guaranteed to work on my type 4c hair. My daughters have type 3 hair. Everything works for my girls hair but I struggled to find products for my hair. That lead me to becoming so frustrated I decided to just make my own natural hair care products. I was using Twisted Sista on my youngest daughters Christy’s hair.

I was using the Amazing dream curl gel when styling Christy’s hair for church and photo shoots

I loved the hold of the product. It didn’t weigh down Christy’s curls and it wasn’t greasy, sticky or slimy. I loved the product in Christy’s hair but I just assumed it wouldn’t work for me. It wasn’t until I did the Big Chop that I became curious and decided to use the product on my own hair. I figured.. I only have an inch of hair might as well see what this product can do. I just applied it to a small section and I was so impressed..This is what it did for my 4c hair.

It gave me defined curls! For once in my life I had CURLS!

I had defined and separated coils! Juicy! Bouncy curls!

The product made me realize I didn’t have “bad hair” I had the wrong products! I love the products so much I had to reach out! People we stopping me on the street everyday asking what I use in my hair. I was more than happy to tell them.. only problem is.. I had found the Twisted Sista at Burlington Coat Factory in the clearance section 😅 I reached out to partner with Twisted Sista because I have NEVER found a product that worked me my hair, my daughters hair AND didn’t make me cry when looking at the price. Twisted Sista sent me 3 full sized products.

A 30 second curl spray, intensive leave in conditioner and a curl activating cremè. I decided to document my journey to the bottom of the bottle of these products. I will do a series of post providing my honest opinion of the products as I use them in styling my hair and daughters hair. All of these products are $8.99! The products can be found at you can find some of the products in stores. (However I’ll be honest it’s very difficult to find the products that’s why I reached out in the first place. I had been to 3 stores and couldn’t find them anywhere. I even went to a couple specialty beauty supplies and couldn’t find it.)

Last night I washed my hair and tried the leave in conditioner first.

I followed the directions on the bottle and worked the product into small sections of my damp hair. I immediately saw the a difference in my hair. The product coated each coil beautifully and even separated the curls.

I was shocked by the definition of my little curls! I have curly hair.. who knew🤷🏾‍♀️ I continued to massage the products into my hair. Root to tip in small sections.

I could see that the leave in conditioner worked well after one application. My hair felt moist and not sticky. There was no heavy feeling after applying the conditioner. I put on my bonnet and went to sleep.

The next day Brooke wanted to try the products. Brooke has type 3 hair.

Brooke used a mixer of all the products and said she said “My curls look so long! And my hair smells so good!” Tonight I’m going to use the products on the baby and trying it the first time on my nana!

I’ve keep braiding my Nana’s hair weekly and she wants to try styling her natural hair and I’m so here for it!

This morning before work I tried all the products. I used the 30 second spray, the activator and dream gel

The products have to air dry to keep that in mind. Typically it style hair and go on about my day and let the air hold it

It was AMAZING! I’m loving the results of the products! When it dries your hair isn’t all weighed down and greasy.

Each coil is separated, soft and bouncy! I couldn’t keep my hands off of my hair! I’m excited to document this journey! This going to be a long collaboration 😅 Twists Sista products don’t require a ton of product for a style to work I simply used dime sized amounts on the small sections of my hair. Brooke only used a small amount as well. Typically a container of Amazing dream curl cream last about 2 months between the 3 of us and it’s only $8.99 if you purchase directly through the site.

I STRONGLY recommend this product. It is actually for ALL hair types which is really rare. I love the price. I’m a momma on a budget with a lot of natural hair to take care of and I can do that with Twisted Sista natural hair care products.

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