Tea and a chat: Content Strategy for social media and blogging

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about content strategy for social media. My stats were so awful September. My instagram was hovering around 1810. My blog views were 2k TOTAL for the month. It was just awful. I hate working hard and not seeing progress. I decided to go back to what works. For Instagram I went back to using “The Gary Vee $1.80 method for Instagram growth” and my stats went up!

I’m currently at 1871 the growth has been tremendous and I feel good! I’m on my journey to 2k and I can almost taste it. I love this “Gary vee method” This method allows you to basically spread love and positivity and find real, ORGANIC followers that have the same niche as you! It makes all the difference when you have the right audience following you.

I wrote down the most popular hashtags and I used them strategically and I finally hit over 100 likes 🙌🏾 it was with a longer post. It was my writing and I felt so proud of that.

(I blog on my instagram. Anything over 500 words is a blog post.. I learned that in a podcast.. I’ll get to that later😉in another post… how to make your long Instagram post and Facebook post… blog post!

I’m very happy with where my social media is so I’m just going to keep with the “Gary Vee strategy and networking on twitter. I never have issues on twitter that is where the magic happens for me. Twitter is my happy place.

On to the blog!

I ran Facebook ads (I target like a Ninja!) I figured out How to make money blogging and I had to tell other bloggers. It took me 7 months to figure it out and I wanted to save people time. Well I applied my strategy to other post.

I spent $25 in ad money this week for my blog and I made about $35 in affiliate links in the first couple days, so it worked out to spend the bit in beginning and get more money out of it.

I’m watching a lot of strategy videos about How to make money with amazon affiliate links as a blogger I don’t want to rely on this solely but I do want to really learn as much as can about this for the future. Plus it’s working for people!

If I want to this to be my job in the future and I want to be a full time blogger from home I need to learn how to make these thing work. I need to learn how to come off as a slimey salesperson and I have figured that out and that excites me. The fact that my methods are helping people EXCITED ME! I dance when I help people make money. I just want people to understand there’s possibilities outside of your day job.

Podcast I’m listening to this week:

The Influencer podcast by Jules Solomon is constantly playing in my car. I’m just really focus on strategy and implementing that strategy HARD! I’m 7 months in and I’m just now starting to feel confident in what I’m doing as blogger and I feel more confident about about showing people what works and what doesn’t.

I’m doing a lot of consulting lately and I really love that. If there’s a way to help bloggers achieve their goals I’m there! I love what I do and I love that I’ve created a way to make a living doing it. It’s been an incredible week! I’ve almost already surpassed September and we still have a little over a week left in this month!

All it takes is strategy! Learn something and try it.. I love seeing the numbers grow. Blogging truly is a journey you watch your blog grow as you grow as blogger.

What goals do you have planned for this week? How’s October treating you.


  1. Wow girl! You are doing amazingly well. Congrats on the huge insta growth, I find instagram sooo hard as it seems that the follow/unfollow thing is big over there. I need to have a look at the Gary vee method. I never know which hashtags to use and I never write long descriptions, maybe I need to try these ideas. $35 in affiliate links is fabulous too! Well done! I need to listen to The Influencer Podcast, it sounds great. Thank you so much for sharing your suggestions lovely, they are really helpful ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • OH MY GOD YOUR LIKE MY FAVORITE BLOGGER! I can’t believe you read and commented this makes my day. You’re my hero I love your blog.


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