Life in the bat cave

Good morning and happy Friday!! This week has been so crazy. I’m trying something new. I never really talk about my family life all together normally it’s in separate post but for the sake of time.. I’m running down my week and what’s up with all these folks in my house. It’s been week that I need to talk about.. I can’t drink no more so that photo is a cup full of lies🤣🤣 I’m trying to step up my flat lay game for instagram so I went out and purchased a little piece of wood from Walmart to set up my little prop photo shoots and it has been the love of my life creatively.

I think I’m somebody y’all 🤣 I sprinkled some fall leaves down and felt like I was the flat lay queen and I couldn’t be stopped. Y’all I was on the counter at 0500 like Gollum trying to capture the perfect shot for my “flat lay Friday” post..

Flat lay Friday means a lot to me.. but I digress. I’ve been having the time of life creating content this week. I’m working on my ebook so I did an outline and every day I hammer out a chapter.

The book is called “The Blogger’s Bible: The gospel truth about blogging full time”

It all I been talking about On Twitter that has really breathed new life into my creativity. Every day I sit down and just write everything I know about a particular subject. This week I wrote all about how to make money as blogger. I crossed making 4 digits as a Content Creator so I figured I could give advice now🤷🏾‍♀️ so that’s what I been doing. I been teaching people how to make money the way I do. It’s been awesome! I’ve had my views this month crush last month!

God has just been blessing me in this business and I’m happy. The book is really coming along. I’m just happy this. I’m giving myself 9 months to launch this book. I figured I could make a couple humans in 9 months I can make a book so my book will be born around 9/22/2019.

About a month before my wedding😅

I’m doing the first part of my wedding planning. I’m picking out my invites and save the day thingy’s.. the fact I call them thingys should tell you how much I know about this stuff. Yeah I been married but I’m not really bridal. I love the dress.. but the little details.. the bridal shower, the engagement party.. I’m more of a bachelorette party type of girl.. but this time. I want it right so I’m calling a professional!

I met Rachel Matthewson through a Facebook group I joined called “Bad ass business women of Temecula” I joined when I started blogging because I wanted to meet business women. I was new and had no clue what I was doing but I wanted to meet women who did. I met Rachel. She’s an amazing graphic designer. I stalked her website and saw that she designed invites!

I slid in her DMs real smoooooth

And I made my first steps toward wedding planning! I’m proud of that. My best friend Ashley will be too.. she keeps me in check texting me “Friend I know some people that do invites” I knew that was code for


So I’m proud I did that. Ok onto my family.. Brooke is BEING BULLIED!

Well I’m not sure how to classify this.

Brooke has been coming home complaining about this girl talking about her. Saying she’s “ugly” that she haste’s her voice and just everything Brooke does this girl makes fun of her or takes it upon herself to have girls make fun of her. Brooke has told the counselor at school. The girl said she “doesn’t know Brooke or talk about her” so the counselors have written it off as nothing. The girl just keeps taking about Brooke and harassing her. Having other kids harass her and it’s to the point Brooke wants to fight.

Brooke is not a fighter. That’s why I now this issue has gone to far. I had my nana go to the school yesterday because I couldn’t. I work 0830-1630. We been dealing with this for a year now and the school said this

“They’re too busy today”

What if my child gets jumped in the bathroom and killed?

What if my child takes it upon herself to fight?

I know this school district.. I USED TO FIGHT IN THAT SCHOOL DISTRICT! I know it’s a zero tolerance school. My child has a leadership role she can’t get into a fight.

Back in the day I didn’t care! I was in ASB and I whipped some ASS! I didn’t play.

Brooke is better than me. I’m raising her to be better than me so as much I want to tell her to wear that girl out. I told her to wait to see what happens after I email the principal and threaten to call file a report. I realize there is a way to go about things.

I hate that our kids have to deal with things like this.

For Brooke to want to fight and for this girl to say she wants to fight my child.. who’s a friggin PIANIST.. who fights piano players 🤷🏾‍♀️ I know my child has a slick mouth.. she’s mine but his girl is just targeting Brooke.

It’s awful to see and feel helpless and feel like the school doesn’t give a damn.

Christy is Christy… she conned her nana into having a little sweets this morning and well that’s toddler heaven🤷🏾‍♀️

Christy stay winning!

She got nails done.

She 360 twerks.. I mean.. she living that life!

Every 6 minutes she has to show her dad her nails.. doesn’t matter if she just jumped off the kitchen counter


Chris is the man of my dreams. Our lives changed when he was fired from Honda for going back to school. He’s been taking full time classes. He’s focusing on marketing and business. He’s been really helpful in helping me land these last brand deals. I read my pitches to him before I send them to companies. Some emails take me days to write and he listens to every one and tells me the truth

“That’s not coming off right.. try this.”

He’s like a marketing genius.. it’s been a trip when this is taking my family.

Chris has never attended college. I’m proud of him for going and being a hands on day, and taking care of the house, just being my rock. That man is gift.

This weekend I attend the memorial service for my friend and I haven’t been myself. Where I lack Chris has been there to help me and that’s all I need.. happy kids, a good man to raise them with, a house. I’m so happy with my life right now. Yeah we have bumps, we aren’t perfect we don’t “have it all” but we are healthy, happy and together.

I found out I don’t have cancer. I do have Crohn’s that’s fine. I can manage that! Correction WE can manage that. I’m not alone and I have to remember Chris is my teammate. We are a unit and I don’t have to hold on to all the burdens and be strong.

I’ve been through so much. I’d go through it all again because my life is amazingly, complicated, wild and beautiful and I love everything about it. This week was one of the best weeks of my life so I had to share it.

No it wasn’t lavish but it’s the life I’ve always craved. Simple and beautiful. I woke up and created every single day this week and just enjoyed my family and I’m thankful for that. It’s something to be able to do what you truly love for a living.

Thank you for reading if your read this far I truly appreciate you sharing your time with me and my family.


  1. Wow! What a week!
    Fabulous news @ not having cancer!
    And so glad you have Chris by your side!
    Brooke’s school sounds stupid. Keep pestering them. Call, write letters, send them by certified mail with copy to superintendent. Escalate it to local newspapers if needed. You got this!

    Hugs and love

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much you’re so supportive and just amazing! I will keep on it they did talk to the girls to friends hopefully they talk to Brooke and the girl Monday


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