#lifewithbrooke: 7th grade.. muscled up narc boys and the 7th grade dance

It’s been a while since Brooke erupted in a car ride.. today was a gift here goes! It started with her turning down the radio explaining that she forgot to wear a shirt for super hero day… She’s in ASB.. Spirit Day matters now😅 she starts out..


MOM! I totally forgot to wear a shirt for super hero day. So I just zipped up my hoodie and tried to blend in. I was fine.. I heard the teacher say one girls name and she didn’t have no shirt so my body just made a tree when she said me name


Brooke: Mama it’s a bunch of dudes at the school I’m the 8th grade that I’m convinced one is a grown man.. that dude is cop like 21 jump street! He’s not fooling nobody! So I don’t reveal no information he be like “how’s your day” and just “fine sir” and my friend is like “Girl he is so fine” I say “yeah he’s fine but that’s CLEARLY an adult.His calves are that of 20 year old he’s not fooling me mama!

Me: 🤣🤣🤣 Brooke people have changes during 7th grade before summer.

Brooke: THAT’S A MAN! I’m scared to go to high school! There’s GROWN MEN THERE! I’m not ready to be exposed to that. I don’t trust buff middle schoolers.. why are you buff,

Me: Stawwwpp!

Brooke: I was working the Autumn dance. You can’t say Halloween these days. But anyways the 6th graders show up I their finest “JUSTICE” attire LIKE

And they all was dancing to “BTS” they had a choreographed dance it was cringey

I saw someone dump someone because they didn’t have enough classes together.. she’s dodged that “L” as far as I’m concerned.

Mama there was kids trying to suck on the fog vapors.. it was crazy!


I love hearing about the 7th grade.. I felt the same way about overly buff people.. I remember one of my middle school friends had a mustache when we came back to 7th grade and I roasted him! I was like “WHO’S FATHER IS THIS” but that dude had a deep voice and mustache and was just real grown.. I swear there is one dude like that in every middle school generation 🤣🤣


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