6 ways to monetize your small blog

When I first began my blogging journey I naively thought blogging was the QUICK way to make an income in order to work from home.

I work a 9-5 and I wanted the financial freedom I saw promised in countless post on my social media. I took to blogging and realized there is tremendous earning potential in blogging however there’s also a tremendous of work involved, especially when you are a smaller blogger or if you’re a new blogger, it’s hard to get those streams of income flowing but once they flow WATCH OUT🙌🏾

As a blogger one becomes a creative entrepreneur. As such you have to think outside of the box in order to monetize our passions. Each of these suggestions are suggestions I’ve tried and have provided an income for me, with the exception of the Ebook. I’m still writing it🤗

Let’s get started:

1. Offer coaching services or other social media services to other bloggers and small businesses.

The blogging community is very large and at times very difficult to navigate. Social media is beast of its own that many people are just not familiar with. Many bloggers quit before their first year simply because they have no support and don’t understand how to properly promote their blog on social media.

I started a boutique social media marketing agency and offer blogger coaching. I consult with bloggers about all the nuances of blogging and how to promote their blogs properly on social media.

I teach small businesses how to launch themselves on social media and use social media to bring them clients and brand exposure.

I also provide social media strategy. I use the things we are already doing as bloggers and help others that may not understand or may not have the time to create content and run their social media pages. If you’re good at running social media. Start a social media marketing agency! If you’re on social media anyway why not make it a stream of income. Here’s the Video by Ollie Chapman I watched this this video and implemented the steps. The first week I landed my first paying social media client and the rest was history. I began making a stream of income from social media marketing when my blog was about 5 months old.

What I love coaching about is fees are dependent upon the client and their budget. That flexibility allows you to earn more. As new blogger you maybe afraid to market yourself as a coach or consultant.. you’re just sharing your motivation and expertise in the areas of blogging and social. That’s an invaluable asset to new bloggers.

Social media and blogging are always changing. There’s always a someone in need of help. Educate yourself with the changes of the algorithms. Implement them and practice them.. teach it to someone else for a fee.

2. Affiliate links or affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are links provided to you by a brand. You promote the links in a blog post and if someone clicks on the link and purchases the item you get commission sales!

I use Amazon affiliate links. Amazon Affiliate links is a free program. You simply register your website with the amazon affiliate website. You will then be able to search ANY item on Amazon. Amazon will create a link for the product. You write a post with the links, promote the post well and that’s money in the bank🤷🏾‍♀️

Now you won’t make “quit your 9-5” money but you will start a stream of income! If you study ways to write post with amazon affiliate links you can make a lot of money writing holiday gift guides and promoting them around the holidays. If you promote the right products you can bring hundreds of dollars from single post.

(If you’re not familiar with Amazon affiliate links you can read my post How to make money blogging and learn my money making amazon affiliate links strategy.)

3. Write an Ebook

I’m currently in the process of this myself but from what I’m studying this can be very profitable. I’m currently writing and researching for book. I’m listening to “The blogger to author podcast” by Dr Beth Brombosz

Bloggers make money by selling series of self published books. One man has 20 short self published ebooks that he markets between .99- 2.99 he makes $4500 plus a year just from his Ebooks! Once again not quit your 9-5 money but definitely support your family money🙌🏾 when you write an Ebook you add credibility to your brand and your blog. Your book immediately sets you apart in your niche. If everyone else just has a blog but you’re an Amazon best seller you’re going to stand out! You’re going to be more marketable and you’re going to earn more money.

4. Get a job as a freelance blogger!

Problogger.com is website that provides all kinds of resources for bloggers. The best resource being JOBS! They have many jobs you can do working from home. I landed my first 4 figure job as an editor of an online magazine. It was at will employment. I worked about a month or so and made nice money so I always recommend that bloggers check out the site and apply for jobs OFTEN. When I started blogging I made a resume with guest post, brand deals, media information. I applied for everything! I applied for all the Content Creator jobs! I landed 3 total from this site. This site is the site that showed me I could work remotely and make money freelance writing. This should show me it was possible to make 4 figures from blogging.

5. Leverage your social media and blog for brand collaborations

I started pitched my blog and social media to brands as soon as I had 1k Instagram followers and 100 blog subscribers. I had read somewhere that until you had 1k followers you shouldn’t reach out brands won’t take you seriously. I worked to grow my social media organically across all social media accounts, I would email brands For sponsorship using these 8 tips and this email template I worked hard to cultivate relationships with brands, I would then reach out with my ideas for blog post and how I would promote the post. I made sure to show the brand how valuable I was to my audience and how much my audience would benefit from their products. I always made sure I was creating content that was compatible with the brand I was reaching out to. Growing your social media is hard and making money this was can be difficult but it’s fun to pitch to brands! All you need is ONE “yes.” I pitch to 3 brands a week. Some pitches take days because I like to create content and have a portfolio to present in my emails basically so there is research before I just reach out to a brands for sponsorship or collaborations. I’ve made in the 3 digits from social media collaborations.

6. Make and sell graphics to other bloggers

I sell media kits to blogger for a small price. A lot of bloggers don’t know how to make a media kit of don’t have the time so I offer that service.

If you’re handy with graphics in anyway you are sitting on a goldmine. You will able to market those services and make revenue on your own!

As you can see there are SEVERAL was to make money. I haven’t even touched on the other ways there are to make money. These are just the ways I have made money from my blogging and social media. I don’t have a huge blog. I average 1-2k views a week but I managed to monetize my blog and I love to show others how they can too.

There is such so much opportunity for financial independence. I can just help one person open this minds to the possibility of earning an income from their creative endeavors I’m happy! There is no feeling like making a living base on what you create. It feels good enough to wake me up at 0400 every morning happy.

Let me know if this list helps you and if you try any of the tips suggested🤗 have a great day! Light and love to you!


  1. Thank you for this amazing post. I learned so much and I plan on trying some of these tactics. Which WordPress plan do you use, I use the personal plan and want to have my own custom web design but I do t think my plan allows that


  2. I’m a relatively new blogger and this was so informative to read! I never thought about making money from my blog, or had that as a goal when I started, but I feel like there’s so many easy ways that I had no idea. Great post girly x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This post is a gold mine! I’m actually pretty good with graphics and I’m getting better everyday. I’m going to really look into possibly starting a lil side hustle as well!


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